Look for the Positive… Respond with the Affirmative!
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Look for the Positive… Respond

Look for the Positive…
Respond with the Affirmative!


by Sherry Hanes, May 2020
O.K. We all know we are enduring a situation that no one seems to know where it will all settle down or end, for that matter. But, at the risk of sounding too optimistic…here are some positive things that are coming to light in the wake of the COVID-19 Virus….I will just go ahead and list them.

People are:
Working together more as a community, caring for our neighbours and even strangers.

Spending more time with our own family members and caring for them and hopefully having some great conversations and maybe even getting interested in each other’s personal interests…. yes …evening taking part in video gaming with the youngers of our families.

Spending our money at HOME more.

Cooking at home more instead of rushing out to the fast food restaurants.

Hopefully, inviting our family members (in our own homes) …to join in on the food preparation, providing guidance, education and some fun and a good feeling of achievement.

Watching movies together and how about even praying together?

Teaching each other in ways we thought were lost to social media and apps….

There are currently no ‘Latch-Key’ kids…parents are home and hopefully recognizing that the kids are part of this too and they are hopefully being brought into the sharing of knowledge for a better foundation of parent – child relationship.

Recognizing that they too, meaning the children, have feelings of uncertainty, fears and anxiety…even though they may not know how to verbally share that. It usually comes out in some form of hypersensitivity or anxiety…so we, as parents, recognize this and offer love and support along with knowledge and reassurance for a more solid (emotionally) home.

We comfort each other.

There is less Co2 going into the atmosphere…

People are spending money with more thought in mind and wasting less.

People are getting out and exercising more

There are less people rushing to the emergency wards for attention to minor emergencies.

People are checking in on each other more, via phone, text, FB video call.

People are travelling less throughout their own towns, unnecessarily.

Money is offered by our government to help out.

We have good food available.

We are working on becoming more, healthy, via exercise and vitamins…

Basically, we are now becoming more aware and returning to a simpler time of living, which was lost somewhere along the line between, post WWII and Social Media.
We are also making ourselves more aware about what we read and hear in the news…we are learning to question everything and not just take what is said on the media sights, as the gospel truth…

So, here are just a few positives that are coming out of these uncertain times…Aslo, I just want to mention that our children need more support and love than usual…They need our comfort and direction. They don’t not need us to be acting like authoritarians like our parents before us did…they need to be protected and included, showing understanding and respect and STILL being a loving guidance force without the yelling, screaming and name calling…you get it…I know you do….

Take the truth and make your home and your world a better place…It all starts in How you look at things and How you respond to them…It’s an inside job as they say, so don’t deny yourself of making a better place for yourself and your family in the world…Don’t let thoughts control the outcome of your circumstances, even if it is just a negative thought in the moment, creating a negative outcome…
As far as addictions go, escaping into substance is not the answer…for any reason!…Get your act together and don’t subject abuse on the family, friends, neighbours AND EVEN yourself because everyone is Home bound now. There is help. There is nowhere to run any longer and nowhere to hide. The ‘Man/Woman, in the glass’ looking back at you, knows this. The effect of victimizing others, who cannot escape the wrath of anyone’s addictions and the imposing of physical, emotional, mental and verbal abuse, must be addressed for all…including the abuser, who greatly suffers as well! There is no crime in choosing a better life and the guilt, anger and remorse can stop here and now, if one is willing to take the first step in a program of daily recovery. Services are available for such matters…especially now when the need to ‘use’ is greater than ever. We all count and YOU count too! We all want to be healthy, physically and mentally. No one actually WANTS to suffer or be addicted, knowing the effects it brings, including death…but certain things like alcohol, crack, cocaine, meth… and even prescription drugs, effect everyone, including and equally so, the user themselves…Feeling good in the moment by taking a mind altering, addictive drug, provides just an illusion in the moment…feeling good all day, for life, is a choice, that anyone can make…ANYONE…just making that choice, one day at a time…. you will receive support in every way….Together we stand ….divided we fall…Don’t let your own pride and disillusionment, keep you from what you truly deserve…a better life for you and a better life, without living in fear of the effects of addiction, for your family and others.
Rarely, has anyone failed, who has THOROUGHLY followed the path of recovery on a daily basis….reach out for it…it will be there!


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