PARO Centre Thunder Bay Holds a Cluster Innovation Table on Mental Health
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PARO Centre Thunder Bay Holds

PARO Centre Thunder Bay Holds a Cluster Innovation Table on Mental

by Scott A. Sumner

The Paro Centre organization held an innovation cluster table or round table discussion recently at the Delta Hotel Marriott Thunder Bay. The purpose was to give women entrepreneurs a voice with a focus on mental health. It was one part of a year long study which will have its results made public on International Women's Day March 8th at a Paro event in North Bay!


Rosalind Lockyer,CEO of PARO

“ When we talk about mental health we are really talking about community.Women entrepreneurs have a lot of responsibilities and wear a lot of hats.They are constantly busy doing their business, doing the business of primary care of the family plus they are leaders in our community in important matters. Women are the heart of the matter and involve family in what they do.”

“ Last year we did research asked women how they were fairing and what were their biggest challenges. We are near the end of our research study at looking at how the women have handled the challenges you have when it comes to your own mental health. How you feel, the roles you play in your business, family and in the community all impact your
mental health. How are you dealing with that and what suggestions can you make to others.”

“ The round table today went really well with a good cross section of individuals with different challenges. Many had found some resources that really supported them. Peer support is huge and available all the time.”

“Right now people are panicking about the CEBA loans and getting refinancing.That is only one thing. There are a lot of stresses in life like the pandemic was and whats going on in the world including the US political situation,wars and the impact on family.”

“ We have done primary and secondary research, surveys, cluster innovation tables or roundtables, a website form and put together all the research and will announce it on International Women's Day in North Bay on March 8th.There will be a op-ed done as well.”


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