Electric Vehicle Technology Impressive!
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Electric Vehicle Technology!

Electric Vehicle Technology Impressive!

by Scott A. Sumner

Recently I had the opportunity for the first time to test drive an all electric vehicle, a 2024 Chevrolet Blazer RS EV. We have been hearing so much about the great transition to electric from fossil fuels. Very frequently we hear about massive new battery plants coming to Canada. Also the car dealerships are ramping up with charging stations, etc. I was fun to finally get to drive one.


Ty Alderdice is a Sales Associate at Badanai Motors,Thunder Bay and helped me with the test drive. He is an electric vehicle enthusiast. 

It was a very unique feeling driving an electric vehicle- entirely different from gas- being so smooth with really quick immediate performance.“There’s nothing like it. People aren’t used to really no transmission, so no gears to shift through, it is just one continuous smooth transition.You can find yourself doing 120KPH quickly and go oh wow.”said Ty.

To start the vehicle there is no key. You have a key fob and when you walk up to the vehicle it recognizes the key fob is present. You open the door and as you sit in you press the brake and the vehicle will come to life and be ready to drive. There is an electronic column shifter you pull towards you and down and you will be in drive. As soon as you put it into drive or reverse you will hear a music tone, present at under 30 km per hour. That is to let people behind or in front of you know that there is a vehicle present. This is because the vehicle really is silent. The sound is outside to help other people near the vehicle. Some car companies have a beeping sound but GM choose a more soothing music sound.

When you are driving the vehicle has regenerative braking to produce energy. You get used to using the many settings and ways to use power and gain power back to extend range.

I really liked the smooth, quick, quiet power of the Blazer and how it performed. Sometimes you wonder how it will perform in -30 celsius weather in our region. Ty explained that GM uses a heat pump to run the HVAC system in the vehicle.This is opposed to some manufacturers that use an element system. The heat pump approach can mean you lose 20% of your range in the winter but lose up to 50% with an element system. Interesting fact.Electric vehicle batteries have come a long way since 2012 when Ty first sold electric cars. Electric vehicles can cost more than a gas version today but remember you don’t pay for gas or most maintenance so that is a good saving.

“ We have this 2024 Chevrolet Blazer RS EV on site as a demo unit for the next 3 months. You can test drive it and if you like it put your name on one of the incoming units we have or place an order.” said Ty Alderdice


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