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by Scott A. Sumner

  Ian Hayden is a pro rider entering his second season on the Blair Morgan Racing Team. The 24 year old is from Espanola, Ontario some  2 hours from Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. “ I am in a pretty good position to learn a bunch of stuff from Blair Morgan Racing. I won three
championships in the CSRA including a perfect season where I didn’t lose. This opportunity came up and it is a pretty good one. I am in a really good spot to learn from the best and ride the best equipment. It was no brainer,” smiled Ian Hayden.  Ian raced motocross  and was
raised in a snowmobile family that couldn’t afford to do both. Last year Hayden got a second in Pro Open at Canterbury but broke his  leg there only missed 1 race. “ It was just a big learning curve last year with all the big teams, new tracks and riders. It was great. I took it
all in  and this year I am more confident and comfortable, knowing I’m supposed to be here. That was a big thing for me,” smiled Ian Hayden. “ This is my job. In the summer I teach motocross for 10 weeks in Owen Sound, Ontario at Moto Park. It’s pretty crazy with 30 kids a week running around. I like how light it is and hoe balanced. A snocross sled will never be a dirt bike but they are getting really balanced in how it reacts. It is really, really good. I will try and give my boss a run for his money. Do my best. The goal is to win a race. After a second last year I have to win one.”

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