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Tucker Hibbert #68 Team

Tucker Hibbert #68 Team


by Scott A. Sumner

It is always fun  for me to sit down with top snocross racer Tucker Hibbert in his race hauler at Duluth. This is what we talked about this year.

The 2014 /2015 season was another excellent one for your team Tucker?
“ Last year was a great year for us as we won the X Games, the series championship and most of the races so overall it was a very successful season for us.  We had a lot fun. My Arctic Cat sled worked perfect the whole year so it was definitely good.This weekend is  also going well so far. To achieve another championship we have to be consistent  and running up front in all the qualifiers and main events. So far we have done what we need to do and  just have to keep it rolling.”

The Amsoil Dominator race at Duluth has not always gone so well for you?
“ I never have been really good on my first couple laps. It takes me time to get up to speed so that is part of it at the Dominator.  It is a type of race that doesn’t suit my style, not that I am not trying.  I would love to win it but come up a little bit short every year.  More laps  allow me to pick better lines, to settle down and get comfortable. For some reason my mentality isn't to go wide open right at the start sometimes  and that can be a good thing to avoid issues. I have  trained myself over the years to be a little bit cautious in the first couple of laps and work my way into the race. The Dominator is a little short  but maybe next year I will practice a little differently for it and work on my lap speeds.”

Does a longer race of say 20 laps help you Tucker?
“ The longer races allows my fitness, which I think is good, to come into play. Also my experience over the years allows me to pick the lines on the track over time, knowing how to manage the race without big mistakes.”
“ I race motocross a little bit still not as much as before. I do ride mountain bikes to keep my body going  all summer long.  As we get closer to snocross season I start training specifically  for snocross.  It is just doing the same things I have done for many years.

Have you been able to ride snowmobiles this season?
“  Each year is a little bit different based on snow conditions and how much time we have to get ready. It is no different this year than the past. I rode in Colorado for a few weeks before we were able to find snow here in Minnesota. We like to ride as early as we can.”

You have been racing snocross for quite a long time now?
  “My first professional win was X Games in 2000 at age 15, so it has been 16 years since then.  It was memorable for me as it was my first X Games, my first professional race and my dad was racing in the same race and competing against me for the first time.”

Your team is very important to your success Tucker?
“ Our team is great, all the guys and gals. It is not just me out on the track. It takes so many people to get the race trailer ready, organize everything, testing and practice during the week. It is a big effort for everybody to come to the races and win. I definitely couldn’t do it without them. We have a blast doing it and are all really good friends or family so it is a really tight knit group of people who for the most part have been with me my whole career.  It is important for me to have them with me.”
“  This year we have Dan Ebert as a mechanic who was a professional racer for 3 seasons and many years before that as an amateur, so a really experienced guy including mechanical. His dad Russ took me racing when I was younger  as a semi pro and amateur so there is a lot
of history with the family. Also Ashley Rambo is helping us with some marketing  and different promotions. It is cool to have 2 new people. It keeps it fresh.”

I just had a great interview with Blair Morgan here in Duluth!
“ It is great to see Blair at the race track. I was able to see him a few years back at the Snowmobile Hall of Fame when he was inducted. It was fun to hang out at that event. It is great to see him at the race track. He seems happy and embracing the fans  and all the people who
have been waiting to see him back.”

ISOC seems to be doing really well with the races?
“ They have done a great job of putting  together a great race schedule, race tracks and promoting the sport with their  Live Stream and TV coverage. Everything is going in a good direction. It is good to see the sport healthy and people  fired up about racing and putting in
the effort to make it really good.”

You seem to be very relaxed and calm Tucker?
“ My faith is a big part of my whole life and racing is a big part of my life. I am getting  older now and I don’t get too wound up about things anymore. Everything  is going to work out in the end and the races seem to come and go and as long as I am happy I feel good. I have a great support group  around me that help me do my job, have fun, be relaxed  and enjoy life  cause it is a good time and a lot of fun being at these races.”

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