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Truck Inspection Station

 Shuniah Commercial Vehicle Inspection 

The Ontario government is marking the opening of a new commercial vehicle inspection station on Highway 11/17 near Thunder Bay. Located in Shuniah, the $30 million state-of-the-art facility is part of the province's plan to improve road safety and deliver faster and better transit infrastructure in the North.


“Under the leadership of Premier Ford, our government is working to >ensure Ontario's highways are among the safest in North America,” said Prabmeet Sarkaria, Minister of Transportation. “The new Shuniah commercial vehicle inspection station will help reduce the risk of accidents, protect everyone on the road and ensure the safe movement ofgoods across Northern Ontario.”

Commercial motor vehicles travelling on Ontario highways are subject to mandatory roadside safety inspections. The new inspection station in Shuniah will be equipped with cutting-edge technology to identify potential problems with commercial motor vehicles, such as underinflated tires and malfunctioning brakes.

“This inspection station will play a critical role in addressing road safety in our community,” said Kevin Holland, MPP for Thunder Bay—Atikokan. “Our government is investing in northern transportation with infrastructure projects that will make a real difference to families and businesses.”

In Ontario, there are 34 inspection stations across the province where highly trained enforcement officers inspect the condition of commercial vehicles and monitor the behaviour and qualifications of drivers. In 2023, the government increased its enforcement presence on Highways 11, 17, 144, and 101, with officers conducting over 4,000 inspections and laying 3,200 charges, including 700 for speeding. More than 1,000 vehicles were placed out of service.

Expanding commercial vehicle inspection facilities is among the more than 60 actions identified in

the government's Connecting the North: A Draft Transportation Plan for >Northern Ontario. This plan will help keep more people and goods moving safely, improve travel options for people in remote communities, and support economic growth in the North.

Minister Prabmeet Sarkaria

Why did you complete this new truck station in Shuniah?

“ This facility is about new technology being incorporated into truck safety, making sure that we have our vehicles safe. We have to keep up with the technology to ensure our vehicles are safe and help our enforcement officers that are on the roads every single day to support not only the trucking industry which is so important, but the well being of our province.”

Will a divided highway happen soon west of Thunder Bay?

“ Our government is always looking at ways to investing in new roads. Every year we are putting about $3 billion into new roads in the province and the North region will receive close to $500 million in the next year alone, whether it be expansion, rebuilding, resurfacing or safety measures. We are very excited about that and always looking for opportunities not only for commercial but for leisure travel.”

How do you enjoy being in the North?

“ I have had the opportunity to travel here to the north and I can say the more I come to travel here you appreciate the unique challenges with the different weather conditions. I have been stuck with weather here before.That is why it is so important to have ministers visit here.This is the 57 visit here by ministers in the last two years to announce or just listen to people here. I have to give Kevin Holland, MPP a shout out because he has done a great job supporting the north and helping us to understand the challenges here. We need more investment here are and are committed to do so”


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