Spyder Motorcycle Enthusiasts celebrate 10 years with a Cross Canada journey
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Spyder Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Spyder Motorcycle Enthusiasts celebrate 10 years with a Cross Canada


  by Scott A. Sumner
   15 riders from across Canada including 2 from Russia began their journey in Vancouver earlier this month and are making their way to Valcourt, Quebec to visit the BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products)
factory where the very first Spyder 3-wheel motorcycle was built 10 years ago.
“I’ve been told this group of riders are extremely passionate about their Spyders. We felt it was important to give them a warm Thunder Bay welcome as they ride through the city”, said Peter Provenzano, General Manager of Half-Way Motors Power Sports.
The contingent of riders, including BRP District Manager for Southern Alberta, Saskatechewan and parts of Manitoba,  Alex Smith who has been with BRP for 25 years.
“ We started at Calgary and had some riders from BC and from Russia join us. We left on Friday and spent our first night in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, then to Brandon, Manitoba and last night in Dryden. Today was a challenging day with a late start and the rain made it interesting.” said Alex Smith. “ I’d say three quarters of our group are riding the Spyder RT, the touring model, and some the F3, a cruiser
style. We are doing well and our riders have some good gear to protect them from the rain.”
“ We are going to Valcourt, Quebec and will be there Thursday and the activities will start on June 2nd.  They expect 3000 people for the big event Saturday night with 500 to 600 Spyders on site. The museum will be open and tours of the factory production line with Spyder being built,  but soon it will be snowmobiles.”
Sasha from Russia was on the ride. “ We came to  Vancouver 5 days ago and the journey started there. We are part of the cross country BRP trip.  My partner and I  will cross Canada from ocean to ocean and the country is beautiful. This is my first experience with Spyder on long distances. It is completely different than on a motorcyle and so comfortable. I want to ride more more and more on Spyder. That is my first impression.”

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