Port of Thunder Bay Virtual Opening of Navigation
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Port of Thunder Bay Virtual

Port of Thunder Bay Virtual Opening of Navigation

by Scott A. Sumner

This years event was virtual with participants from across North America. Here are some key points from the event.


The 10.2 million tonnage at the Port of Thunder Bay last season was the highest since 1997. It was second highest number of ocean vessels at 157 in history of the Port. There were record canola shipments. Wheat shipments have surged and in 2020 wheat was up 34% over 2013. The Port of Thunder Bay is doing about 79% of all Manitoba grain shipments as well as Saskatchewan and Alberta grain.

The Port of Thunder Bay completed their terminal reconfiguration program which included rail upgrades and expansion, new lay down and paving and a 50,000 square foot heated building.The total project was $13.5 million with $ 6.5 million from the federal government and $ 1 million from NOHF. The remainder was from Port of Thunder Bay earnings.

The Port has seen other in bound cargo like structural pipe and rail from Europe. There has been fertilizer from Morocco and destined for Manitoba.


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