New 4 Star Hotel Opens at Prince Arthur's Landing!
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New 4 Star Hotel Opens!

New 4 Star Hotel Opens at Prince Arthur’s Landing!


by Scott A. Sumner

It was a long wait for the people of Thunder Bay and traveling public but the $35 million 149 room Delta Hotels by Marriott Thunder Bay is now open! “ We are pretty excited, its been a long road and everything has turned out great and we are so excited to be here today. The staff has worked so hard to get us here,” said Corinne Oatman-Howell,GM of the Delta. “ Our hotel is a bit unusual as it is situated in a park and you don’t often see that but with our floor to ceiling glass windows we have spectacular views of the Sleeping Giant and Lake Superior which is beautiful.”


The room inventory up to this time has been open as of May 12th and there has been incredible interest in the property both from conferences and individual travelers. They have been getting phone calls on a daily basis asking if there open yet. Some conference groups in 2020 and 2021 have already been booked.

The Delta has a signature restaurant called the Anchor and Ore which is true to the area the hotel is in and engaged in the local flair with our cuisine. They proudly serve Starbucks which is grab and go at the Harbourside Cafe.

Their conference facilities will allow a seated dinner with up to 380 people. Currently the Delta has 70 staff but soon will be closer to 95 with full compliment.


There are 149 rooms and an elite pantry on this property for the platinum, premium and above guests. The rooms are a good size with lots of space and windows. The corridors are nice with a wide very open feeling. The room rates are from $179.00 to $489.00.

“Our hotel plays well in the Delta Field. This hotel is a little more upscale than what is traditional built for a Delta but our owners are very passionate about the quality of the hotel they represent and certainly haven’t spared any expense as far as the decor,” said GM Corinne Oatman-Howell. “ The high occupancy rates in Thunder Bay helps because generally speaking a new hotel needs a ramp up period but from what we are seeing and with that occupancy rate in Thunder Bay, it shouldn’t be long for us to be running at top speed. The first people check in this afternoon.”“ I’ve been working with Marriott for 9 years and they are a great brand. Previously I worked for Delta Hotels. This was an incredible opportunity for me. I was with the Delta PEI and this opportunity was presented to me as a possibility,” said Corrine. “ I’m very excited to be able to open a hotel from the ground up, a lot of people don’t get that in their career. It has been a great process. You have some input along the way when the hotel is going up. I like the view of the Sleeping Giant every day!” alt="delta-3" height="420" src="/upload/images/delta-3.jpg" width="560" />It has been 10 years since the RFP for the waterfront won by the developer, the Resolve Group based in Winnipeg.

“ It is extremely satisfying to be here and I am pleased and proud to bring this property, a 4 star Marriott, to Thunder Bay. The people here deserve a hotel of this calibre. It has been a long time coming as we all know. I am sure if you talk to my family they were saying give it up and I can tell you it has been a struggle. But I am a great believer in if you make a a commitment and have gone this far, I gave my word and I am proud to say we’re here today.”said Gisele MacDonald, President Resolve Group.

“ If you took a look at the renderings we did 4 or 5 years ago of the hotel they are what they are today in completion. It is great to see it as what we envisioned it to be. The main floor, the openness, is allowing for this to be a gathering place for community for family, friends and conferences. I think it will be a real jewel that make the waterfront complete.” said Giselle.

“ I can tell it is about a $35 million investment. I know it is right. People have asked me why spend so much money in Thunder Bay and I say why not. The people are here, this project is for Thunder Bay and I believe in Thunder Bay. It is a great setting with the Sleeping Giant right in front of you, so it is pretty spectacular.”

The Resolve Group investors own the building and Marriott is managing the property for them on a 20 year contract.
The general contractor was BNL of Thunder Bay.

Watch for more indepth coverage of this new hotel next issue!


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