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image by Scott A. Sumner

Taylor Moore,Winner 2016 Staal Open
“ It feels awesome.  An incredible day. I was lucky to have my dad up here this week to kind of comfort me on the weekend. I didn’t want to think about playing on the PGA Tour next week with this win. It has been a life long dream of mine to play on the PGA Tour so I’m excited to get going. After being an amateur just a few weeks ago it is awesome to see my college days have paid off. My dad being on the bag is something I will remember forever.”
“ I shot 65 in the Pro Am and it helped me during the week. I was trying to take it a shot at a time, a hole at a time.”
“ Whitewater Golf Club is a really nice golf course. It is probably one of the best or the best on the McKenzie Tour I have played so far. The other guys on tour have said it is the best course on tour and definitely a tournament course.”
“My favourite memory is having my dad on the bag as he doesn’t have the chance to be at the tournaments that often.”
“ At  Holes 16 or 17 I kinda had a good feeling  if I could play in and get in the house I could win.”

Eric Staal
“ This event is top notch and done better every single year and is now imprinted in the community. We want to be able  to give back to some great organizations through our foundation.  We are hoping for a big week and kinda enjoying it like the rest of the community. Camp Quality, Northern Cancer Funds and Families Fighting Cancer are our
three great charities.”

“ We are discussing this event going forward as a family and it has been a great relationship.”

“ I am  average as a golfer but it is  a lot of fun to get out there to play  and relax at the same time. It will be fun to play with some of these pros and see how good their game is.”

“ I want to prove to myself  that I have a lot of time left and gas in the tank to play NHL hockey. The goal is to win another Stanley Cup. It will be a little different living in the snow again in Minnesota but my kids are looking forward to it. I spent a lot of time as a kid growing
up in Minnesota at tournaments and now getting the chance to play for the Minnesota Wild is great.”

Jeff Monday. President Mckenzie Tour PGA Tour Canada
“ This event has almost the same atmosphere as a PGA Tour event. When you get to a PGA Tour event  there is  a hubub of activity like there is here. The players when they first come here are blown away by what they see right from the git go. “
“ We are in discussions and everybody feels positive about this event and fully expect it to continue. It is a model event for us. It is a joint effort with the host group and sponsors. The Staal involvement is crucial. They don’t just  put their name on it but are actively involved in the planning and are out here all week.”
“ The players love coming here and playing Whitewater Golf Club. It has great shot variety, a good mix of holes and is always in good condition and on top of that it is very pretty out there.”


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