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Metro Grocery Loves Local!

Metro Grocery Loves Local! Ontario Farmers and Vendors Products, in
Your Metro Grocer Now!


By Sherry Hanes

If you always loved Metro Inc. grocery stores, you’re going to love them even more now!

Metro, one of Canada’s leading grocery retailers, says its enhanced local purchasing policy will allow much smaller farmers and food producers in Ontario to supply to the chain, a move that allows the
company to carry a higher percentage of local produce and products in its stores.

In a special query with Katarina Oestreich, of Metro Ontario, we learned a little bit about when and how the introduction of ‘local supplier products purchasing policy’ was manifested and the responses
from the most important aspect of the community, the customers!

So! Let’s begin!

Sherry: “When and where, was the ‘Local Purchasing Policy’ first implemented?”

Katarina: “The local purchasing policy was unveiled in May 2013, when it was implemented in Québec. In June 2016, Metro launched its local program in Ontario and updated its policy and made the commitment to roll out across the province.”

Sherry: “In the Metro Press Release, it is reported that, January 31, 2019, was the launch date of the Local Purchasing Policy for the Lakehead Region. Further down in the body content, the report states
that, the Northern Ontario launch was in August 2018. Could you elaborate? Is the Lakehead, (meaning Thunder Bay), outside the geographical parameters of what is considered Northern Ontario?”

Katarina “Metro does consider Thunder Bay part of Northern Ontario. However, with the launch of the Lakehead Region, the products are even more localized to the Thunder Bay community and we felt it was
appropriate to give the region its own name.”

Sherry: “When will the official launch take place in the GTA?”

Katarina: “The Local Purchasing Policy launched on February 28, 2019 in the GTA.”

Sherry: “As everyone is very excited about the introduction of locally sourced food products in the Metro stores, may I request a personal comment from you, that I may quote you from in the article?”

Katarina: “As the neighbourhood grocer, we are always looking to tailor our products and services to the community. Through our Local Purchasing Policy, we are able to meet the needs of our customers and
are continuing to support Ontario-based suppliers by stocking new, locally sourced products,” says Joe Fusco, Senior Vice President, Metro.”

The Ontario Launch: On June 10th, 2016, Metro launched its local purchasing program in Ontario, which aims to optimize the accessibility and promotion of local products. The program, which is part of Metro's
overall corporate responsibility approach, is based on three guiding principles and aims to make Metro a unique showcase for regional products; A key partner of Foodland Ontario and sectoral agri-food
associations that promote Ontario products; a key ally of Ontario innovative suppliers. The local purchasing policy can be consulted on metro.ca. The Metro 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report is also
available online at metro.ca/responsibility, which states: ‘Metro's commitment is built around four pillars that we have aligned to our business strategy: Respect for the environment, Delighted customers,
Strengthened communities and Empowered employees.’

Currently, there have been sixteen regional suppliers, introduced into Metro’s, Local Purchasing Policy… just another reason for you to confirm that Metro Inc. is ‘My Metro’.

Boreal Berry Farm - Our locally grown fruit is hand harvested at the peak of perfection and frozen within hours of harvest, locking in sun ripened flavor, nutrition and quality for the ultimate taste
experience! 100% Canadian, all our fruit is grown and packed in Canada.
For over 60 years - Always 100% Naturally Grown, Certified Organic and Non-GMO.

Bennett’s Bakery – Home of the World’s Famous Persians – According to most reliable sources, the "Persian" originated in Thunder Bay, Ontario in the 1930s and remains a popular treat there. Take a dozen or two home today!

Brule Creek Farms – Ontario’s Northwestern Flour Mill. Brule Creed Farms, proudly grow their own grain, using sustainable farming practices. No additives or preservatives used, ever. Brule Creek Farms,
produces wheat, rye, canola and cover crops, on 225 acres and makes a variety of different types of flour, such as baking mixes and cold-pressed canola oil and is now available in your local Metro

Chino’s Pasta Sauce – With sauce this great, no explanation can suffice! Pasta sauces from old-world family recipes, all natural and organic foods and ingredients. Experience the difference and then come
back and stock up for the variety of recipes you just can’t wait to taste.

Crazy Good Spices - Grace Ward, of Thunder Bay, Ontario, presents a line of easy to use, No MSG, gluten free, all natural, balanced blends of herbs and spices and is available in your local Metro Grocer now. Grace Wards’ spice and herb blends, might just be your best cooking secret yet!

Donato’s Bakery - Over 100 years of family baking traditions. Products are ‘stone baked’, a process similar to the old wood fired ovens. There are no preservatives added and the family ingredients remain
simplistic, just like they were over 100 years ago. Bread, sweets, pizzas, sauces and meat balls, who can resist?

Heartbeat Hot Sauce Company – Restaurateurs, Nancy Shaw & Al Bourbouhakis of Thunder Bay, have been sourcing local pepper farmer, Chris Paulusma, also of Thunder Bay for years and in 2015, Nancy and Al have created the world’s most versatile hot sauce. Heartbeat Hot Sauce is fermented in small batches and handcrafted in Offering, bold and balanced, irresistible, flavours, that will pair beautifully with
all your favourite foods.

North Country Meats – Established in 1990 in Thunder Bay and considered to be ‘The Best of the Best!’ North Country Meats is dedicated to its customers and is committed to using traditional methods, that has
always been the healthiest choices. Try their pepperettes, kielbasa sausage, Smoked Italian Sausage, Bratwurst and Legion (Garlic). And don’t forget to stock up on Bavarian Style Smokies, available in the
exciting flavours of Reg/Hot, Cheese, Jalapeno & Cheese and Turkey.
Your family and even your BBQ, will notice the difference!

Prime Gelato - Makes their authentic gelato, daily. They use many local, raw ingredients from the True North such as maple syrup, honey, wild blueberries, strawberries, pumpkins, carrots, herbs and many
others. There are no artificial flavours, or modified milk ingredients. No high fructose corn syrup, no fillers, no preservatives and no artificial colours are in any of their foods. Even the waffle cones are made, using local Brule Creek flour.

Quinta Superfoods Inc. - Metro Ontario is proud to support local Ontario food producers! Fun Fact - Jamie Draves from Georgetown, ON, faces the Dragons looking for an investment in his quinoa business.
It’s more important than ever to Ontarians to have locally sourced options on the shelf at their local grocery store. In fact, almost 80 per cent of primary shoppers incorporate locally grown food into at
least one meal per week.

Roots to Harvest - Thunder Bay, ON. Offers locally sourced granola and can be purchased in your local Metro grocery stores now. Roots to Harvest is in the city, on farms, and in schools, working with young
people and the community all year round. Food plays a crucial role in the health, resilience and independence of individuals and communities alike, and Roots to Harvest is doing their part to grow food and community, in Northern Ontario.

The Canadian Wild Rice Mercantile – Thunder Bay, ON. Canadian non-pasteurized honey, Canadian Maple Syrup, Canadian Wild Rice, Natural &Organic Canadian products, Pure Maple Syrup, Wild Rice, Steal Cut Oat, Granola Bar, Tea Bar, Thunder Bay Famous Product, Pure Canadian Product, Canadian Business, Honey, Pure Honey, Pure Maple Syrup, Cashew, Brazil Nut, Organic Product.

The King of Caesars - Our dressings are gluten-free, sugar-free, low-carb, keto, and fish -free. Creamy dill. Classic Caesar dressing with extra garlic for the garlic lover and a zip of lemon. Also, try
the blue cheese. It is unique and flavorful, with a strong blue flavor and lots of chunks. And don’t go home without a jar of King of Greek dressing, made with real Feta Cheese. Use as a dressing, dip or spread.

The Poppin’ Hut - The original kettle corn company serving Thunder Bay delicious, sweet and salty treats since 2003. Our Kettle Corn is cooked at just the right temperature and our sifting table takes care
of any unpopped kernels (old maids) to ensure a delicious bag every time. Slightly sweet, lightly salted and popped with all-natural ingredients. 100% Pure Corn Oil, Sugar & Salt, Nebraska Corn,100%
Gluten and Peanut Free, 43 different flavours.

Thornloe Cheese - Thunder Bay division, has produced a respected brand of cheese products in Northern Ontario. Thornloe Cheese is 100 per cent Canadian, 100 per cent farmer owned and more successful than ever. Thornloe Cheese continues to produce a quality Northern Heritage
Cheese. Found in the dairy case of your neighbourhood Metro Grocer.

Wolfhead Coffee - Hand Crafted in Northern Ontario. Taking our name from the shape of Lake Superior, Wolfhead Coffee is a Northwestern Ontario gem. Tucked away in one of Thunder Bay’s oldest suburbs, and close to the bustling cafés of its downtown core, we do small-batch coffee roasting and smoking in our custom-designed and built roastery. Try Wolfhead Coffee today and wake up your coffee senses! Now available in your local Metro Grocer.

The Metro Grocer Stores, Customer Service Representatives, are always more than happy to share information about any of the local and or Ontario products, now available in their stores. Laurie Merchant, of the James and Arthur Street store, was more than helpful to me, when I made an impromptu telephone call, inquiring about the Roots and Harvest product, granola, that is in the store now.

Simply put, . . . Metro Loves Local! One more reason to make Metro your number one grocer choice.

Metro's commitment is built around four pillars that we have aligned to
our business strategy: respect for the environment, delighted
customers, strengthened communities and empowered employees.

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