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Logan Christian Hopes To Keep

Logan Christian Hopes To Keep Arctic Cat On Top


by Scott A. Sumner

I sat down with Logan at the 2018 Duluth Snocross opening race of  the season.


It will be a different year with Tucker Hibbert retiring from the sport?

“ We are pretty excited about this year. It is a bummer that Tucker retired but we are kind of excited that we are kind of looked at as one of the top guys in the series, so we don’t want to let anyone down. We are in a good position, the sleds are running great and we have the same team personnel and last year was a great year.”

Over the years you have spent a lot of time with Tucker.

“ We were the night crew because we would always ride late into the night when it got dark with Tucker when most guys would have gone home. We were always pushing each other. Tucker pushed me and he
didn’t want to get beat by a young punk like I was when I first started. It made for a cool friendship and we were able to battle on the track as well. I have known Tucker’s name forever and we got to know each better in snowmobiling but used to see each other at motocross events. We have a track at Fertile, which was about 45 minutes away from where Tucker lives. We are away from where most of the snowmobile racers live so it was a private track vibe almost an Arctic Cat test track.”

You come from a business-oriented family Logan.

My dad and my uncle own a few businesses together, a trucking company and fertilizer company. In the summer I work in the businesses so snocross isn’t my only job. My dad and uncle both put 100 % into
our racing effort at the track at home and the races. We have the venue trailer and my sister is the on air announcer for ISOC.”

When did you start racing?

“ I started racing at 3 or 4 years old. That summer I got a dirt bike as well. In the last few years I kind of got away form the dirt bikes and stayed healthy with new training. I am really into fitness and am working with a new trainer, John Wesley, who I like our program very much as well as nutrition

How do you like the 2019 Arctic Cat version race sled?

Tucker and I worked on the Arctic Cat race sled last season and we got a lot of credit but really the guys at Arctic Cat are super smart and aggressive at making the sled super fast, especially since we
have changes to the stock rules which means we can do less on the sled. I am excited to get on the track and competing to get Arctic Cat on top where Tucker left off at.”

“ This sled has some motor changes and strengthened some things up
on the CTECˆ600 engine.

Betsy has been with me as my mechanic for a long time and we have a good relationship and keep in contact through the summer. Jacob Yurk and Anson Scheele are also on the team.”

How do you feel about the upcoming season?

“ It will be interesting without Tucker this year. I’m not sure what everyone’s mindset is as I don’t talk to other racers that much. For me it will be the same as if I was lining up against Tucker, Blair Morgan and Kirk, the best racers ever. I want to get the holeshot and then win what ever it takes.

This year there are lots of trailers here and people are looking for new people up on the box.

My first step is a win, breaking it down to get a good start, ride my own race and come out of the weekend healthy here at Duluth. Then we will know where we sit and will push for the wins every race, heats and finals. The Dominator race here to start helps get the nerves down, as it is just cash not points. We can go from there.”








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