KBMX Motocross Racing- Exciting!
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KBMX Motocross Racing Exciting

KBMX Motocross Racing- Exciting!


by Scott A. Sumner

The Northern Ontario Superior Dirt Riders held their 2nd race of the 2019 season at the Kakabeka KBMX track. On a sunny day a large group of all ages from 4 to over 40 gathered to race motorcycles on a track developed by the late Brian Vanlenthe. It is alway fun for me to talk to the young ridersand this year I chatted with the top three finishers in the top class at KBMX.


Kenny Mandryk, age 22Kenny races both snocross and motocross each year. He had a good year in ISOC Snocross last winter.“ I podiumed in Iowa getting 2nd place after starting the season in Duluth and did all 8 National ISOC races. There were ups and downs but did finish 9th overall in the points”The ISOC sport class has between 30 to 40 riders each race and 10 full factory kids with major teams. Kenny put 100,000 km on his truck driving tothe events this year. Driving through snow storms is half the battle, and there some real cold races Michigan at -30 celsius stated Kenny.“ I resigned with Polaris and will get 2 new sleds, one at no cost and the other at a reduced rate. The factories want to see you on top at the races. I have been putting in a lot of work for this season to stay consistent and stay focussed. There were lots of crashes last year with mostly no injuries except for broken ribs.”

Kenny has these sponsors- Polaris, FXR, Stud Boy, C & A Pro Skis, Walker Evan Shocks, CTI Knee braces, Boreal Carpentry and Venshore Mechanical.In April of this year Kenny raced motocross in Las Vegas in the College Boy 16 to 24 AB and Supercross Futures classes and qualified for the Monster Energy Cup to be held at Las Vegas in October.“ The sports of motocross and snocross are tough physically and mentally so you have to stay in it.”


Parker Miele, age 17, rides the 2019 KTM 125 motorcycle.“ The 125 is fun to ride. I did some races in th US in MN and did well there. This year I rode in California for practice. In 2016 I broke my leg at Milleville, a pro national on amateur day and a few weeks ago had a head injury, but I’m fine now.”


Nicky Osnach, age 17 from Teulon, Manitoba
Nicky made a stop at the KBMX park on his way to Southern Ontario“ I am going to Walton, Ontario for the Amateur Canadian Nationals. My goal is to get on a factory team for motocross and supercross, that would be awesome.”


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