Impala Canada Support Local Red Sky Metis Independent Nation Post Secondary Students
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Impala Canada Support Local

Impala Canada Support Local Red Sky Metis Independent Nation Post Secondary Students

by Scott A. Sumner

Impala Canada has funded four bursaries to local Red Sky Metis Independent Nation Post Secondary Students. These funds were presentedat a recent ceremony at the Red Sky Metis offices in Thunder Bay.


Karlene Nummikoski taking Psychology at Lakehead University“ This will be my first year in the program. I am very sociable and would like to be able to help people in rehabilitation centres like prisons. The scholarship will help me get a new laptop because everything has to be done online now from home until January.”Karlene had a 95% average in Grade 12 at Westgate CDI High School.

Dante Miecznikowski is taking chemistry at Lakehead University for his first year medical sciences.“ The emphasis will be on heath aspects like making vaccines. In life I always found that enjoyable. It will be a four year program.That is huge amount and will help with the tuition.We will start study at home except for labs and then switch to classes.”“ My goal is to become a pharmacologist, actually making medicine and vaccines. After there will be more training with a Masters and PHD program possibly at Halifax. I have patience so taking time to learn something is ok.”

Rebecca Machura taking Psychology at Lakehead University

Angie Michel taking social work at Confederation College

Mike Wanecki,Environmental & Communications Superintendent with Impala Canada provided the scholarship in the amount of $ 500.00 to each student.

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