Honouring the excellence, creativity and achievements of women entrepreneurs.
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Honouring the excellence

Honouring the excellence, creativity and achievementsof women entrepreneurs.

by Scott A. Sumner

The PARO Summit Gala 2023 empowers and celebrates women in business.

On November 23rd, PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise brought diverse women together for their annual PARO Summit Gala at the Delta Hotel in Thunder Bay. This year’s conference aimed to recognize and celebrate women entrepreneurs who are making contributions and impacts in their communities. The evening’s agenda included:

1. Keynote speech from Jessica Moorhouse; “Money On My Mind – How to Shift from a Scarcity to Abundance Money Mindset”

2. Celebration of women entrepreneurs through various awards ceremonies, including Business of the Year Award, Rising Star Award, and Moxoka’am Kwe: She Rises Award

3. Dinner and entertainment, including Sounds of Superior Chorus and Thai Healing Center Dancers.

Rosalind Lockyer, Paro

“ We call this the Paro Summit Gala 2023 and have always had this type of event in November each year. It is all together our AGM as well as a get together to celebrate what we have done all year as well as think about the future.”

“ There is some learning about things people need to know right now. This event has Jessica Moorhouse; “Money On My Mind – How to Shift from a Scarcity to Abundance Money Mindset”

“ She has podcost and is an accredited financial counselor. She is a millennial and when she graduated carried a lot of debt and there weren’t many jobs. She found she couldn’t get much help. Education is very expensive so that’s why she does what she does.”

“ Paro has been around since 1995 and we found the biggest challenge for women entrepreneurs has been getting the money. The women needed how to approach contacting a bank- financial literacy. It is about having a mindset about money and realizing your risk etc.”

“ We had training sessions earlier today. Paro really gets in the weeds as they say, in the grass roots with help. There is also a trade show here for the women to sell their wares and network.”


Jessica Moorhouse

“ I so honoured to be here honestly and it is my first time in Thunder Bay. I am going to be giving a presentation on scarcity and abundance to this audience of business women. I am excited to impart some of what I have learned over the past 7 years, specifically with a financial bias.”

“ It is never to late to change the path that you are on. You can look at things from a framework of abundance which means I am grateful for what I have but there is enough for everybody and a lot of opportunities. You just have to go out there and get it. It gives you more hope and is exciting.”

“ I went to film school and and now am working in finance so you can make changes.What can you take advantage of and succeed. My presentation is tailored to this audience to inspire and empower them. Over history women weren’t given many business opportunities.Growing up I never thought I could own a business and now I run my own business and have inspired my sister to start her own business. Maybe you can try business, give it a try is what I want to let women know.”


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