Grand Opening Of Home Hardware Memorial With New Ownership
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Grand Opening Of Home Hardware

Grand Opening Of Home Hardware Memorial With New Ownership


by Scott A. Sumner


Chris Sauer, with his family, are the new owners of the Home Hardware Memorial store in Thunder By. The 49 year old purchased the store in August 2018.He was preciously the store manager here and also worked at the former County Fair location in the past, with over 30 years experience in total.“ The previous owners were retiring, as they were in their 70’s, so it was a nice change for us. So far so good as being an owner, it has >been a learning experience,” said Chris Sauer. “ We done a lot of renovations and improvements modernizing the store including new cash registers, new check out stands, we painted the interior and added a new service desk and new signage.This is our grand opening weekend as >we have finished our interior renovations.”“ The ownership is a family affair as I have my wife Shannon and sons working here including Justin. So far we have good community support with many people here and a lot of people we haven’t seen before so it is nice. The Home Hardware company is 100% Canadian so that is a big plus. It gives us an edge competing against the American big box stores.” said Chris.There are more changes happening at the Home Hardware Memorial store that are to be announced, so stay tuned!


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