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by Scott A. Sumner
     When you drive up to the Four Seasons Golf Club Dubai Festival  City you can't help but be blown away by their amazing 70,000 square  feet clubhouse. This is the finest structure for golf I have ever  seen in my golf travels and really set the tone for your entire golf  experience. It is an amazing clubhouse  built in a circular motion  with three restaurants of varying sizes, an Atrium lounge,  a golf  shop, academy, locker rooms, three distinct meeting areas and a 
outdoor function space. The concept of the design of the club house  is taken from the logo of the Festival City which is all about life.  It is completely different very exciting dynamic the colouring earth  oriented and soothing.

    Adrienne Obrien, who is orginally from Australia is the  Club  Sales and Marketing Manager Four Season Golf Club, Dubai Festival  City. The Four Seasons, a Canadian company  with  it's head office in  Toronto is managing the course.  " A new  hotel is coming after the  approvals are finished.  It will be a large 400 key hotel with  rooms, suites and villas and two minutes from the  course with also  a  leisure focus," said Adrienne Obrien. " The course opened January 2005  under a different name with the clubhouse opened in January 2007. It  was a fractional opening and was designed by Robet Trent  Jones Jr. a world renowned,  second generation architect with over  200 course designs around the world. We have a stong but small  membership. Our product is all about the golf play. We have 15 minute  tee times and  do encourage corporate days on the weekdays.  The UAE golf association has tee times available each day."
      The  Four Seasons Golf Club Dubai Festival City  has over 200  members presently and in 2009  will increase to  250 members. The  annual  fee is 37,000 Dr  or  about $10,000 dollars.
Currently in summer the green fee is  400 Dr and high season Oct.1 to  April  is 850 DR . The weather can flutuate season to season in  Dubai   where in the height of winter you are looking at 3C in the  morning  moving  quickly to 17C in the day. Summer it can be hot at  35 to 50C  and can have up to 90% Humidity. The course is a great  layout complete with water falls and plays to 7303 yards for the  black tees. A definite test for all players!

     " We aim for 30,000 rounds per year as  our bench mark for our  business model. For five months of the summer we close the course  each week for 3 days to work on the grasses and encourage growth. We  have staff of 40 on agronomy. The owner, Omar Abdul has distribution 
rights to Toyota ,Jeep etc and are a firmly established Dubai family.  Every building in Festival City is owned by them. He is a business man who wants to give a legacy for the city,"  smiles Obrien." Dubai is  a great environment for hospitality.  The courses are outstanding,  perfect year round, shopping is fantastic and there are spas. It is  an alternative to a number of other destinations around the world but  Dubai is an exciting, vibrant place. To be a main player we need to  build the facilities . It is a long term plan for the next 5 to 7  years. At the beach or on the courses your line of sight is where you  want it ot be. You see cranes everywhere but not if you aren’t  looking for them. If they come here for business they can stay here  and have a Four Season experience."

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