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Clean Air Metals Work Towards

Clean Air Metals Work Towards New Mine

Clean Air Metals is a junior exploration company based in Thunder Bay looking for palladium, platinum, copper and nickel as main minerals. They currently own a flag ship asset known as Thunder Bay North, located 40km northeast of Thunder Bay. It takes about 45 minutes to get to site up the Armstrong road. Clean Air Metals have two well defined conduits which are well defined by drilling and they are looking to advance exploration on this project.

“ Our goal is to have a mine there but if someone wants to buy the property and take over the process that is an option. The way we are treating it currently is we want to build a mine there. We have received funding from Triple Flag Corporation of $15 million CDN, ” said Dana Campbell, age 27, Database/ Corporate Geologist at Clean Air Metals who is from Thunder Bay and went to Lakehead University obtaining a masters degree in geology.“ We have around 10 employees currently and employ contractors and consultants including drilling and environmental engineers.”

“ The deposits we have are high grade, well defined and well drilled. We are trying to develop a mine plan that is kinda net zero carbon so it doesn’t have a carbon foot print, say using electrical vehicles. Something we are really excited about is platinum is a catalyst used to create clean hydrogen so will be valuable coming in the next few years as it is an essential part of the demand for green energy. Our deposit is within 400 meters from surface.We hope it to be underground as it is more environmentally better than open pit.”


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