Canadian Coast Guard Celebrate 60th Anniversary
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Canadian Coast Guard Celebrate

Canadian Coast Guard Celebrate 60th Anniversary

by Scott A. Sumner

A parade and ceremony took place at the Lakehead Transportation Museum, Pool 6 site, Prince Arthur’s Landing in Thunder Bay in recognition of 60 years ofCanadian Coast Guard service in Canada. The event celebrated the criticalcontribution and role of the Canadian Coast Guard in maintaining and policing the waterways of the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Seaway System since 1962.Thunder Bay’s vibrant maritime industry has benefited from the Canadian CoastGuard’s services including icebreaking, aids to navigation, lighthouse keeping (historical – now automated), ship inspection, and saving of lives. This event honoured and celebrated the Canadian Coast Guard’s unique tie to Thunder Bay’shistory, community, growth, and prosperity,

Also acknowledged was the 64th Birthday of CCGS Alexander Henry, one of only a few pre-1962 Coast Guard ships still in existence.


Chris Heikkinen, Port of Thunder Bay

“The opportunity came up to recognize the 60th Anniversary of the Canada Coast Guard. They are intergral to shipping everywhere in Canada but for us shipping through the Great Lakes St Lawrence Seaway to and from the Port of Thunder Bay. There are millions of tons of cargo each season. Lakehead Transportation Museum Society approached us to host an event aboard the CCGS Alexander Henry.The Coast Guard play a vital role all across across the Great Lakes and into the Port of Thunder Bay. Thunder Bay is a 3700 km trip from Gulf of St. Lawrence in the Atlantic Ocean.They are repsonsible for aids to navigation, assist with seaway depth charting and many other activities. To me the most fascinating role they play is with icebreaking. They have a very unique relationship with the US Coast Guard to ensure the availability of ice breaking assets in both December and in January at the end of the season and when we begin the season in early spring.”

Maureen Kelly, Deputy Marine Superintendent Canadian Coast Guard

“This day is huge. I am very,very pleased to be here having the recognition.The last few years it has been difficult to celebrate with only virtual events. Thunder Bay has always been one of the central parts for us when it comes to the transportation of goods. We are happy to provide support for this. I can see only more expansions with larger vessels, icebreaking and opportunities in the future.”


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