Work Authority Opens Store In Thunder Bay
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Work Authority Opens Store

Work Authority Opens Store In Thunder Bay



by Scott A. Sumner

   The national chain of stores, Work Authority has opened a new location in Thunder Bay at the McIntyre Centre Plaza on Memorial Avenue. This store will offer a complete selection of safety footwear and other products for you.

   Robert Kraft is the Store Manager, Work Authority at the McIntyre Centre Thunder Bay. He was born in Thunder Bay but moved away at age 16. After doing a career stint with the army and having been away  for a long time he got offered a job here in Thunder Bay and jumped at the
opportunity to come home.
   Work Authority has 40 stores across the country  from coast to coast - Newfoundland to BC. They are a corporate store owned by Dickies and Kodiac Group and Holdings. There is a great selection of brand name foot wear  for the city. The store owner  is the manufactor of the name
   “ We can help anyone if you use  foot safety wear and pride ourselves on customer service. Our knowledge of our footwear will help. We ask people when they come in what type of work they do and will suggest a boot for you,” said Robert. “ It is  important to be comfortable. I
have a saying you only have two feet and will only ever have two feet  so you have to take care of those two feet. So get a great pair of shoes that fit well and are comfortable.”
   The companies are constantly developing better foot beds, soles and can mimic an orthotic. Technology and science are working together to get a much better boot according to  Robert Kraft.
   “ We are a foot care specialty store first and foremost. We have branched into apparel including high visibility,” said Robert. “ Our store opened February 4th with soft opening to get  a feel for the needs here. The store will evolve as we work with the customers. It has been an excellent start and we are building.  The Home and Garden show really helped our visibility. It has been growing nicely. It is a fabulous location with great visibility.’
   “ We will recommend a certain type of boot and sole etc  for you so come on down and check out our great selection.”

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