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Thunder Bay Business: 25 Years

Thunder Bay Business: 25 Years Is A Long Time!

by Scott A.Sumner

Thunder Bay Business
  It seems just like yesterday that I was a young person just out of university with a career ahead of me. The question I had then was what would I like to do with my life? That seems to be something you hear quite often from young people, even today.
    In my case I had just completed the MBA program at York University in Toronto- the Schulich school as it is now known. The temptation was to get a job at a large financial institution in Toronto. That was what many of my class mates were  doing. In my case I felt the call to
return to NW Ontario where I had grown up in the small mining communities. The beauty and lifestyle of the area just seemed to appeal to me the most. So off I went almost knowing in my mind that I would probably have to create my own career path. In fact after 1 year I was
on my own and have been an entrepreneur ever since!

     It was in December 1984 that a new publication was launched Thunder Bay Business, my second after the still publishing Thunder Bay Real Estate News in September 1983. This started many different speciality publication ideas over the years from travel to community in the Manitouwadge area to lifestyle to car & truck to snowmobiling and golf. These were areas of interest to me and fun in which to be involved.
    The longest running publication that our company has owned is the Thunder Bay Business, now 25 years old! Time has flown by as it really does seem not far long ago that our first issue was off the press. Since then there has been 300 issues of Thunder Bay Business and they
have been fun for me to work on. The publishing business has been a good one for me as I think it fits my personality. I was always a very inquisitive person and in media you certainly get to meet many people and learn so much. It is a very creative dynamic career and one I still enjoy after all this time.
    Publishing has changed technically in a dramatic way over the years. I can remember  when we had dark rooms, large image setters that outputted film and paste up areas where you worked with exacto knifes and created large layouts that you would bring to the printers. Now you work on a small Apple computer and do electronic layouts that are made into PDF files and uploaded to your printer’s FTP site. You can also take your information and upload it to your website in a matter of seconds for the whole world to see. It really is quite amazing and the
power of information lives in all forms of the media industry.
    The best part of the job for me has always been meeting so many interesting people who are proud of what they do and interested in serving a grouping of customers. My goal has been to describe them to our readers and in essence get their personalities across. Our world is
all about people right?
    Over the years it has been my good fortune to have some great people working with me. It seems there was always someone great in the marketing and design areas which are so important.  Today we have Sylvia in marketing, Sherry D in graphic design and Sherry A helping in editorial. The companies Web Press have been great in printing, Thunder Bay Lettershop in distribution, Sencia and MPG Solutions in electronic media, Stephen Cavar in accounting and the firms of Christie & Potestio and Weiler’s in legal work. It has been a great team.
    My biggest supporters have been my parents, Alan and Barbara Sumner. While they are both in Heaven now I remember their help the most and know they would be proud of the 25th Anniversary of Thunder Bay Business!
    People often ask me if I am going to retire and I always say quickly in about another 25 years! The job I created here in the north is one I still enjoy. Times are a little different than at the beginning but my schedule and publications allow me to travel the world which is also
very interesting. You have probably read about some of these adventures. The web is very exciting as well and the rapid change in this area is a good challenge.
    Finally  special thanks to our readers and advertisers over the years. Without you it would never be possible!

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