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The power of energy efficiency

The power of energy efficiency to ease the burden of electricity bills


Thunder Bay Hydro announces AffordAbility Fund Program to bring energy savings to homes and produce lasting benefits

THUNDER BAY, ON, JUNE 15, 2018– Today, Thunder Bay Hydro introduced the new AffordAbility Fund Program in Thunder Bay and northwestern Ontario. The utility has partnered with local community services to deliver the program that is designed to alleviate electricity bill costs for residents and families with moderate incomes. 
Those who qualify for assistance through the Fund will receive free energy saving upgrades to their home that will make it more energy efficient and help reduce their electricity bills for the long-term.
Upgrades include a Home Energy Kit with products which may include ENERGY STAR certified LED light bulbs, power bar, faucet aerator, along with energy-saving tips, while customers demonstrating a greater need, could qualify for equipment such as new appliances, programmable thermostats, and building insulation.
“Thunder Bay Hydro is committed to expand our thinking about how energy efficiency can be deployed and increase residential home energy efficiency. The AffordAbility Fund Program is about increasing support and ensuring opportunities are available for our customers to save on their electricity bills through energy efficiency,” says Tim Wilson, Thunder Bay Hydro, VP Customer & Information Services. “When you save energy you save money, and you may see the comfort, health, and value of your home increase.”
Thunder Bay Hydro has partnered with local community services to ensure that all eligible customers are benefiting from this important program and savings continue into the future.  Community partner, Thunder Bay Counselling, will help get the word out about the program and will support those that sign up for the initiative through its Financial Counselling Program. “Our financial counselling can provide residents
with further supports and tools to increase savings and equip residents with the knowledge to see lasting benefits and improve their financial well-being,” explains Sheri Fata, Manager of Education and Support
Services, Thunder Bay Counselling. “Energy efficiency is a great resource. It delivers many societal benefits such as energy savings, improved health and safety, community revitalization and enhanced
energy reliability.”
Whether residents rent or own, or live in a house or an apartment, they can be eligible for the AffordAbility Fund Program. The level that they qualify for depends on net income and average energy bill. Those that are eligible for the AffordAbility Fund Program do not have to pay for the upgrades or installation with the program offered free of charge. 
“Older households lack adequate insulation and usually have dated and less energy efficient appliances. Small changes through the AffordAbility Fund Program can make a big difference. A program like
this can be really transformative for a community. The AffordAbility Fund Program provides vital support for people that need it the most,” continues Wilson.
To apply for the AffordAbility Fund Program, visit affordabilityfund.org or call 1-855-494-FUND. Those that start the process will be asked to answer a quick questionnaire.

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