Shipping Season Begins In Port of Thunder Bay
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Shipping Season Begins In Port

Shipping Season Begins In Port of Thunder Bay


by Scott A. Sumner

The shipping season has begun in the Port of Thunder Bay. The MV Manitoulin arrived in Thunder Bay March 24th!

  John Carlson, Captain  of the Manitoulin ship.
“ It is nice to repeat the experience of getting the Top Hat for being thefirst ship to Thunder Bay. ”
“ We wintered  in Sault Ste. Marie at the Essar Steel plant  and for the last 35 years this was easily the best ice conditions, virtually ice free to Thunder Bay. ”
“ 95% of the cargo  we haul is exported from  Thunder Bay, mostly potash and grain.  It took about  23 hours to get to Thunder Bay at about 13 knots with a crew of 17. Our ship will hold a cargo of 20,000
metric tones of wheat  bound for Buffalo to a mill there for domestic use I believe flour.”
“ The season is looking much stronger this year. Our cargo book is pretty solid.We don't create demand we meet demand so this start is encouraging for the economy.”

Guy Jarvis, Director of Engineering and Harbourmaster
“This early start is tying a record of opening for us, a day before the locks. It is a good start for the port with a lot of ships  lined up with grain, potash ,salt  between this week in March and mid April.”

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