Lakehead University Launches 50th Anniversary Celebrations!
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Lakehead University 50th!

Lakehead University Launches 50th Anniversary Celebrations!


by Scott A. Sumner

Dr Brian Stevenson President, Lakehead University

“ Today is the beginning of a year of celebrations for Lakehead University for our 50th Anniversary. This is  an institution that has been here for 50 years and has  had a huge economic impact, cultural impact and impact on the social fibre  of Thunder Bay and NW Ontario. We have had had a direct impact of at least $6 billion over 50 years so the  university has had a very positive impact on the community. We want the community to  celebrate these 50 years with us.”


   “ I regularly  hear stories from people who say if there hadn’t been a university in Thunder Bay they would  have not of gone to university.   The economic driver in Ontario more and more is through knowledge based economies, so having a university educated population is important  for our economy going forward.”

   “ We started as a technical institute in the 1940’s  with a series of   programs geared towards the economy and we have followed on that tradition.  Since 1965 we have become a fully comprehensive university so we have  everything  from medical, law, engineering, business,
forestry, science and education- a whole wide variety of programs that
directly links into the economy, the culture and social fibre of N W


   “ On July1st we will  celebrate the actual day when the Lakehead University Act came in place.  In October we will have our very first home coming event  to attract part of those 55,000 to 60,000 alumni we have across the country and around the world. We hope to have that  homecoming event, which will have sports  and cultural activities and outreach programs, every year. There will be many events in between those as well.”

Keith Hobbs Mayor of Thunder Bay

. “ The  economics Lakehead University brings to Thunder Bay are great and over 50,000 students  world wide have graduated from this university and left their mark  on society. Four  of my immediate family members graduated from Lakehead University and are doing fantastic out in the world, so the education is second to none here.” “ We are trying  to build a vibrant strong community. If we can keep our children here and provide jobs, that is what it is all about. Lakehead University gives  our children a step up. Our varsity teams also provide  country wide recognition and helps put Thunder Bay on the map.” Visit their website

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