Lakehead University Engineering Career Day
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Lakehead University Engineer

Lakehead University Engineering Career Day


by Scott A. Sumner
   This engineering career day has been held for several years now and provides the opportunity for students in the field to meet with prospective employers. The engineering field seems to be growing rapidly here in Northwestern Ontario.

The Engineering Career Fair welcomed participating organizations from Thunder Bay and across Canada to recruit Lakehead University students for full-time, internship, summer and co-op employment opportunities in engineering, science and environment related fields.


The unique combination of a Bachelor of Engineering Degree and a Diploma in Engineering Technology from Lakehead University produces graduates with hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge critical to success.  That is why employers come from across Canada to recruit engineering graduates.  

The Fair is an opportunity for Lakehead University students to explore career possibilities and meet directly with employer representatives.  Lakehead Engineering graduates consistently report employment success above the institution and provincial system averages – with the latest figures in 2011 indicating a 95.5% employment rate within two years
after graduation.

Clinton  Baverstock, age 20, is from Gravenhurst in Muskoka area and a 3rd year mechanical engineering student.

Why attend Lakehead University and study engineering?
   “ Lakehead University offered the technology diploma after you graduate from 2nd year and that gives a lot of hours of hands on experience and makes you more employable because you have seen and dealt with actual physical projects, not just all theory.  The tuition here at Lakehead University was a good value and they have fantastic entrance scholarships for students. I weighed options  of other universities and Lakehead University ranked at the top to let me get the most out of my university experience with out substantial debt. Engineering here is a tuition of $7,000 to $8000 but other southern Ontario universities are $12,000 to $13,000 and up to $22,000. Lakehead University is a good value.

Why have you chosen engineering as a field of study?
  “Engineering is a challenging course but not too far from what I expected. My marks have only dropped 5% from high school.  As a smaller school here we can email or go see our professors and get an answer and help. It is very possible to get a good mark in all of your classes.”
“In Grade  10 we did something called career cruising which is kind of an aptitude test to figure out what would be a good  career to pursue. It  came up with 40 options and 38 out of 40 options for me had the word engineering in it. It got me to look into it and I found everything that gets designed and built comes from engineering from ideas to the real world. My dad was a mechanic and I grew up on a farm and loved working with machines. My  goal has been to become an engineer and build machines for the agricultural world.”

It is quite a lengthy training to become a professional engineer?
“ The Professional Engineers of Ontario is the governing body. If you went to their orientation in first year you are registered with them and once you graduate from an accredited program you get the iron ring. Then you have to spend 4 years in the EIT program, engineer in training, and work under a professional engineer with 2000 hours of work per year. Then you become an Profession Engineer.”

How have you enjoyed your time in Thunder Bay?
“ I love it here in Thunder Bay and have met all of my best, closest friends who I can trust. Having people around is an important thing. Thunder Bay is just such a beautiful  city and from anywhere I can be in the country quickly and be active. It is easy to get involved and
have  fun here. I hope to stay here and work.”

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