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 By Sherry Aalto

    Wanda Wuorisalo, Office Manager of Gore Motors, Thunder Bay would like to share a little information with you. Honda has been a trusted name in the automotive industry for just over 50 years now.  The Honda Motor Company was formed in 1948 by Soichiro Honda to produce motorcycles.  In June 1963 Honda produced their first four-wheeled vehicle, the T360, a small 356 cc pick-up truck. Prior to the first vehicle rolling off the assembly line, Ralph Wuorisalo of Thunder Bay owned a gas station and a Honda Motorcycle Shop on Gore Street, hence the name…Gore Motors.

   In 1963 Honda Company approached Ralph Wuorisalo to entertain his interest in becoming Thunder Bay’s first and only Honda Dealership, to sell their new line of motor vehicle options.  Ralph was very excited to take up with the opportunity and has not looked back.  The trusted name, Honda, combined with the great sales and service under Ralph’s command for Gore Motors, has paved the road to success for Ralph and now for 3rd generation family ownership.  Announcing 50 years in the business this May, 2014, is quite a milestone for the ‘Gore Motors’ Family. The dealership moved from Gore Street to 376 Memorial Avenue to open the new dealership and as business grew, a larger home was required for the dealership. 

The property across the street, at 361 Memorial Avenue was purchased and customers did not have to go far to find the new location. As with anything, improvements were always on the books, not only for the Honda vehicles but at Gore Motors, renovations to the current showroom site were definitely in the plans as well.  Starting in February, 2014 and to be completed by the end of May, 2014, a new facelift for the dealership has started to show positive response, not only for the staff of Gore Motors but more importantly, for the customers that visit the showroom at the dealership.  With modern style in architecture and colour presentation, anyone can see that Gore Motors is keeping up with the times.  Incorporated into the design is open concept as opposed to walled off cubicles.  The new design also allows for easy access to other onsite services, such as designated areas for specific purposes of administration. 

 As with any renovation, it is important for customer services to be uninterrupted and Gore Motors has achieved that. It might be interesting to know that Gore Motors is one of the oldest Honda dealerships in Canada.  When you are providing service to a community for 50 years, people get to know you and trust you.  The family and staff at Gore Motors strongly believe in community and for years they have contributed and donated to many charities, benefits, relief funds and The Toy Odyssey Toy Drive for the children of The Faye Peterson House.

  It would be easy to say ‘click on Gore Motors’ and see what they have in stock for you…but that would just bring you to the cyber site.  What you really need to do is get into your vehicle, if you have one, and go to Gore Motors and let the nice people at Gore Motors help you get into a new vehicle or even just another vehicle.  Either way, visit Gore Motors located at 361 Memorial Avenue, Thunder Bay.  Or call (807)345-0902.  Or you CAN click if you want to    

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