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Childrens Centre Thunder Bay

  Childrens Centre Thunder Bay Working Together


by Scott A. Sumner


Diane Walker CEO fo Childrens Centre Thunder Bay

 “ We just spent the last year engaging our stakeholders  about really what makes childrens centers stand out. It just coming back from them over and over again that the work is done together and the change  is in partnership. We really see the only way we can make the difference is to do it together.” “ It is not different but moving  it up a notch. We have always believed in working together  but when you make it a public statement it kinda of makes us more accountable for the essence of togetherness.” “ Our website needed some refreshing and to make it more welcoming and engaging for people. A strong website will help people get to our services. We have spent the last year restructuring and moving forward. We are now much more than just childrens mental health. We have expanded into speech, child development, autism  and really trying to take our skills to our areas.” “ Mission and values are the the guiding lighthouse of who we are and what we do. We wanted to refresh this and I believe childrens services are needed more than ever in the community. Quality is always part of our work and as we move forward I see this work as a refreshing of what was already good. The past was excellent as well and helped us be where we are today. “

The Thunder Bay Children’s Centre  is funded by the province of Ontario and the United Way.

The Children’s Centre Thunder Bay provides children’s mental health services to children, youth and their families living in Thunder Bay and the surrounding area. The focus of our services is on children’s mental health issues in the context of the individual child, their family, day care, school and community. Many of the children who come to the Centre are experiencing social, emotional and behavioural difficulties which are impacting their functioning at home and at school. We work with both individual children, parents, families and other professionals to address problems and strengthen functioning.
We are an Accredited Children’s Mental Health Centre which offers assessment, consultation, treatment, support and education services.
Although many of our services are provided directly to children from birth to 18 years of age, their parents and families, we also provide consultation services to other professionals.
The Children’s Centre is a not-for-profit organization which is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, whose role is to provide direction and leadership to the Centre. The Centre is managed by a Management-Leadership Team, which consists senior and program managers.
We directly employ a variety of mental health professionals from fields such as social work, child and youth work, psychology, early childhood education, speech and language, developmental services, and nursing who work together to provide the best service possible for children, youth, parents and families. We also use a variety of excellent consultants from psychiatry, psychology, nurse practitioner, and pediatric
What we offer
The Children's Centre offers a continuum of children's mental health services that range from a single session counselling through brief services to longer term outpatient services and intensive residential treatment. We also provide a variety of specialized services that focus on a • particular group such as infants, parents, youth and adolescents • presenting issue such as family struggles, parenting, autism or addictions • service area such as child welfare, schools, youth justice or day cares
Our Centre specializes in a variety of children's mental health issues that children, parents and families experience. Some examples include, • Parenting children with mental health issues and behavioural difficulties • Family functioning and relationship struggles • Children who experience trauma such as . Death of a significant person, grief and loss . Physical, sexual and emotional abuse including family violence . A victim of a serious accident, crime or other emotional trauma • Children and youth who experience psychological difficulties such as . Issues with mood (anxiety and depression); . Behavioural difficulties such as attention problems and self regulation struggles; . other psychiatric or psychological issues such as obsessive-compulsive thoughts, suicidal thinking, self harm; . school struggles including school avoidance, peer problems, bullying . relationship and interpersonal difficulties • Understanding children's developmental issues – focus on 0 through 6

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