Amsoil ISOC Snocross Growing
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Amsoil ISOC Snocross Growing

Amsoil ISOC Snocross Growing


by Scott A. Sumner

President Carl Schubitzke is pleased with the progress of the ISOC race

This track  at Spirit Mountain looks amazing given our weather conditions Carl?
“  We are very fortune to have this track at Spirit Mountain. About  9 days ago it was green grass with water standing, muddy and  no snow to be seen. The cold front came in and Spirit mountain did an amazing job  in 3 days making the track. They put through 7.9 million gallons of water in three days here to make snow. The pumps and electricity used is amazing and the capabilities impressive.  For our own ISOC staff to do this track would take 17 days with that much water depending on weather.

How is the ISOC racing series progressing?
“ ISOC continues to grow each year which amazes me, it’s unbelievable. The people have been coming in steady  to this race all  day today. The series keeps getting bigger and better. We have more racers than ever which is fortunate.”
“ I am very very luck  to be in the position that I am in a sport that I love and I love racing and the people here. I bet I have been here at Duluth for 20 of the 24 years of the event either racing or now on the other side. It is interesting to see it from a different perspective.
It is cool to see the sport grow.”

We have some great sleds out there today?
“The sleds are very good but in my eyes it all comes down to the rider, who is the determining factor.”

You are getting more payouts for the riders?
“ We are getting  higher purses. At the end of the day racing costs a lot of money to do. We are providing a customer service and fortunate to have these racers here with us spending money. They could be doing a lot of things. It is nice to give back and realistically I know it is
marginal, as these families are spending so much, but at least it is something. If there is more we can do we want to. The Pro Open team is expensive to operate and I think it is the same in all forms of racing. It is expensive but we love it!”

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