2024 Here We Go!
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2024 Here We Go!

2024 Here We Go!

by Scott A. Sumner

It’s a new year, 2024! Are you ready?What can we expect?

This issue I have asked our elected officials in the provincial and federal governments for their thoughts on what they hope for in 2024. They provide an important role as they represent all of us and manage huge budgets that affect our economy.


To me even a drive around Thunder Bay, shows some contrasts.On the one hand there are new buildings going up from large apartment buildings to car dealerships and single family home housing developments under construction.There are signs at cleared lots with plans for new projects on the horizon. On the other hand there are tent cities I see in different locations with homeless people finding it hard to cope in this economy or city.

I do believe we are lucky to live in Canada which is the second largest country by land mass on the planet yet has a relatively small population of 40.5 million in a world of 8 billion people! We are 1/2 0f 1%of the world population but live in a large land mass. If you go further Thunder Bay is a population of 125,000 out of 40.5 million which is .31% of Canada. We have a privileged position here compared to most in the world and also live in a beautiful area!

Quite often I hear commentary from experts we see on TV say the world is on fire right now. The Israel Hamas conflict is really heartbreaking >as it unfolds daily in media. Also the Russia Ukraine war continues on with no end in sight it seems and is terrible. We see and hear less about Ukraine in mainstream media now with more attention to the Israel Hamas war.

The climate situation is a concern as well. Today as I write this column in late December there is green grass out my window with 0 snow on the ground.The forecast is for virtually no snow in the next 14 days so that is extremely unusual for Thunder Bay.

South of the border we have a political year ahead with a new presidential election. This could result in some challenging times based on the last election cycle there as well.

Yes, there are challenges out there, but I remain positive in what we will encounter in 2024. Remember we live in a great county, Canada, with so much to offer. We really are privileged here and have the opportunity always to succeed, grow and create an excellent life!

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