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2019 International Forest Bio

2019 International Forest Biorefining Conference

by Scott A. Sumner

The 2nd International Forest BioRefining Conference was held June 9 to 12, 2019 at the Victoria Inn in Thunder Bay


“ The 3 day event is all about forest bio refinery and the bio economy- how can we as researchers at university’s, industry people and the government, agree as three, on a path way to commercialize our inventions for the sake of building the new bio refinery, ” said Dr. Lew Christopher Chair IFBC - 2nd. “ We are trying to create processes in say pulp and paper that can lead to protection of the pulp and paper industry and to diversify the products and market them. We have offshore competition to North America that is causing us to lose. The new mills in the south are more modern with better technology. Here in NW Ontario it takes longer to grow a tree than in the south. The concept is to use bio mass instead of oil which is better for the environment.”

The conference had delegates from Europe, South America, Canada and the US. There were also students with poster sessions where they present their ideas. This event happens every two years and Lakehead University took the initiative to do this event.“We are taking the lead because Thunder Bay is becoming a Hub for Forest Bio Refinery with Resolute and FRP here. We also have CRIBE in town and a strong group at LU which is the only dedicated group in Canada, ” said Lew. “We need the government and industry togethertalking. We will be using less petroleum oil derived plastics as they are phased out, they will have to be bio.”


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