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40th Westfort Street Fair
40th Westfort Street Fair! by Scott A. Sumner Westfort held its 40th Annual Street Fair, August 20th, 2022 This yearwas a great success especially after Covid. For me it was fun to see so many people out on a warm sunny day enjoying themselves and seeing everything the Westfort Village Association has to offer. This is a very unique area for Thunder Bay and a great place to support local entrepreneurs! The Westfort Village Association presented a day of great fun for the entire family and visitors ... Read More

The CLE Since 1890!
The Canadian Lakehead Exhibition Since 1890! by Scott A. Sumner It is starting to become a tradition for me to attend the annual CLE >Summer Family Fair. I’m not really a person who would go on the rides but it is fun to see the kids enjoying themselves with their families. I do like the food and the atmosphere in general! Upbeat, happy, colourful is the name of the game! Of course my main reason for going to the CLE is the music. There is always a great line up of Canadian rock artists ... Read More

People Like Their Vehicles!
People Like Their Vehicles! by Scott A. Sumner The Thunder City Rumble Auto and Sled Show was held August 13th at the Thunder City Speedway. I didn’t know really what to expect here but as soon as you parked you could see the level of enthusiasm from people about their special vehicles. Most of the cars were vintage being up to 70 years old. They were driven to the site so are still street legal. That must require quite a bit of mechanical work which I think is part of the attraction to the ... Read More

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