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The Match

The Match

by Scott A. Sumner

Most golf clubs have an annual events where the members play a friendly competition amongst themselves. You will receive a few perks if you win, such as a gift certificate for more balls! In match play you also have to win several matches during the season. The biggest thing you win though is bragging rights for the next year!

The first thing you notice playing competitive golf is you can get nervous. Yes my stomach felt a little uneasy and I wasn’t really looking forward to that first tee shot. I didn’t hit any range balls but did hit some practice putts. I talked to my fellow golfers and it was off to the first tee.

My first swing was a driver and it went in the air to the right but I could find it so that was good. I was starting to feel a little bit better being out there swinging the clubs and getting the day underway. My playing partners were nice to play with and encouraging. Our opponents were avid golf competitors and had already played an 18 hole warm up game that day.

We had sun, heat, rain, humidity, lightning, stoppage of play, resumption of play and fun!Overall the day was nice. It was good to have to concentrate on each shot including the 2 foot putts you had to make. I think everyone should enter their club matches and enjoy the comradery of the day. You get to play with some new people that aren’t your regulars, test out your game and learn some areas where you can improve.

It will give me a new appreciation for competitive golfers when next time I am at the RBC Canadian Open or another tournament. Can you imagine the pressure they feel playing for a $1million plus first prize!My goal, like every golfer, is to get better so hopefully next year I can improve my performance in the Match play!It was good playing with John,Andy and Decio at the beautiful Whitewater Golf Club! >

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