The Concept of Energy Giving and Energy Taking
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The Concept of Energy Giving

The Concept of Energy Giving and Energy Taking

 For many of us this past Christmas season was different than usual.  A lot less visiting and socializing meant we stayed at home, in our homes for most of the season.  My first thought was that I decided to make the best of it and take this as an opportunity to rest and rejuvenate.  However, I must admit that what I ended up doing was a lot of nothing, except staying up late and eating more calories than I burned.  After a week of this I felt more tired and less healthy than before.  It was far too easy for me to get lazy.  Lazy physically and mentally.   The irony did not escape me. Here I am a health professional making all the wrong choices when daily I am encouraging my patients on active living, positive outlooks and heathy eating.  What really surprised me was the complete lack of motivation I had to change, until I went back to the office and started my regular routines.  I now have a much stronger understanding on how difficult it must be for many of you who either are not working at all or are working from home for all these months.

The concept of energy takers and energy givers has been circulating for a long time.  If you google it, most references are made towards the workplace and an individual’s aura.  Are they contributing in a positive and selfless way or negative and selfish manner?  However, we can extrapolate this to more than a mindset or aura.  There are things in our environment and actions that we take or do not take that can also be categorized as energy giving or taking.  Energy giving includes: sunlight, whole foods, consistent sleep patterns, nature, movement, music, dance, resting, fresh air, decluttering, hydration, future planning.  Energy taking includes:  negative thinking, no physical movement, alcohol, fear, resentment, inconsistent sleep, mess and clutter, overworking, dehydration, junk food, excess screen time, stress.

The more of the energy giving actions and lifestyle habits we incorporate the more energy giving we become overall.  When we are in an energy taking environment, it may seem overwhelming to do everything on the giving list.  You might even get fatigued just thinking about it.  The beauty of it is that by just picking one thing on the giving list will give you more energy. Enough that you want to do another and then another as each action increases your energy.  Take a simple example such as enjoying the sunlight.  Go to the sunniest window in your home and just stand in front of it with your eyes closed for several minutes.  Notice how you start to smile.  This will give you motivation to feel the sunlight outside.  Now you are also getting fresh air.  Your energy increases to the point where you want to walk a bit and start moving.  Movement will greatly increase your energy and give you better sleeps, etc., etc.

Of course, the opposite is true on the negative side.  We all have moments, days or even weeks of being in a rut.  What is important is having the knowledge and a bit of discipline to be able to recognize it and take the initial small step in the opposite direction.  Staying bunkered in our homes with little sunlight and fresh air, excessive screen time and no routine is a recipe for ill health and the worst thing we could do.  Give yourself a break and start doing some energy giving actions.  It is amazing how much more you will smile.

James DiGiuseppe is a local chiropractor with a busy family and wellness practice.  For more health  information or to contact  Dr. DiGiuseppe visit:

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