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Tom Jones Corporation achieves

Tom Jones Corporation achieves COR™ Certification

  Tom Jones Corporation is proud to announce it has achieved COR™ Certification in the province of Ontario by it’s internal target date of 2018. The company was recognized yesterday by the  Infrastructure
Health and Safety Association (IHSA) in Toronto for being one of relatively few contractors in the province to have successfully achieved compliance with the most stringent health and safety standards in the industry today.

Says Parker Jones, President of Tom Jones Corporation: “Our entire team has worked incredibly hard to achieve the COR™ Certification over the past few years. It has required a company-wide commitment to our leading-edge Health and Safety Management System and continual improvement to our systems and procedures.   Today, we are very proud to be among an exclusive group of accredited Ontario companies as we are among the first general contractors in Northern Ontario to achieve this certification”.

COR™ is a national occupational health & safety standard that is fast becoming a mandatory pre-qualification requirement for many contractors working in and out of the province and on public and private sector projects.  Achieving the COR™ Certification is proven nationally to bring added-value to clients and construction projects without additional costs. A solid health & safety program with quality
management systems reduces workplace risk and ultimately saves costs on even the most complex project site.  Studies have shown that COR™ certified companies have statistically fewer workplace injuries (up to 20%) and a decrease in overall injury severity. This reduction in workplace injuries translates to lower project delivery costs, which results in savings to clients. 

Tom Jones Corporation has been in business for over 50 years in Northern Ontario, delivering complex construction projects in the heavy civil, industrial, commercial, institutional and design build sectors.

Continues Parker Jones; “Since 1967, Tom Jones Corporation has been a leader in health and safety and continues to invest heavily in systems, programs and people to ensure the forward momentum of the construction industry in Northern Ontario today.  A strong safety culture is the foundation of our business.  Our recent COR™  Certification continues to give us the competitive advantage we need in attracting and
retaining the most qualified tradespeople in the region ultimately providing value to our clients.”  


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