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Thunder Bay Youth Suicide

Thunder Bay Youth Suicide Prevention Task Force Encourages Community to
Bookmark Warning Signs


   Recently, in recognition of World Suicide Prevention Day, the Thunder Bay Youth Suicide Prevention Task Force is encouraging readers to “bookmark” the warning signs of suicidal behavior. Provided by the Thunder Bay Youth Suicide Prevention Task Force, suicide prevention bookmarks will be handed out at all Thunder Bay Public Library locations today to bringsuicide prevention awareness to the community. The Task Force hopes that by urging the community to become informed, individuals will start a conversation to break the stigma of suicide and, ultimately,save lives.

Theresa Graham, Thunder Bay Youth Suicide Prevention Task Force Co-Chair, says; "As a community, youth are our most valuable asset. However, statistics show that suicide is the second leading cause of death of youth in Canada, and the number one leading cause of death
in Thunder Bay’s youth. This is a devastating realization. By bookmarking the warning signs of suicide, and the local services available to individuals, we will all have the knowledge to intervene with care and concern before it’s too late. We want everyone to read up
on the signs.”
The Thunder Bay Youth Suicide Prevention Task Force is a collaborative of more than 30 local organizations and agencies aiming to enhance the City of Thunder Bay’s capacity to prevent, and respond to, youth suicide. Starting today, the Thunder Bay Youth Suicide
Prevention Task Force will be supporting a series of interactive workshops, called SafeTALK and ASIST, to dispel myths surrounding suicide and spread awareness about local support services “Since 2003, World Suicide Prevention Day has taken place on September 10th each year to serve as a preventative call to action to individuals and organizations. ‘Preventing Suicide: Reaching Out and Saving Lives’ is the theme of the 2015 World Suicide Prevention Day, encouraging everyone to consider the role that offering support may
play in combating suicide.
The workshops this fall include:
Mental Health in Motion                                  ASIST
Contact 708-6365 to register                           October 11 - 12th
For more information, visit:                              October
27th - 28th
www.cmha-tb.on.ca/asist or
Thunder Bay Counselling Centre                     ASIST
Call 684-1877 to register                                 December
3rd - 4th
Those looking for more information about SafeTalk and ASIST, or the Thunder Bay Youth Suicide Prevention Task Force, are encouraged to visit www.heresthedeal.ca.

Angela Hill, Program Manager Childrens Centre Thunder Bay and member of Thunder Bay Youth Suicide Prevention Task Force “  We want to recognize  World Suicide Prevention Day and recognize it’s significance in Thunder Bay. In Thunder Bay the leading cause of
death for our young people is suicide. For our First nations Youth the rates of suicide are 5 to 7 times higher. We want to let people know suicide is an issue in our community and it is preventable. We  want people to feel more comfortable  to reach out to someone they are
worried about and ask if they are safe today, are you thinking about suicide. By doing this you decrease risk. Also we  want to reach out to people who have lost someone to suicide. It is very isolating and filled with grief and remorse. We are now  30 organizations in Thunder
Bay that work together to respond to an event like a suicide  and to work on prevention and awareness of mental health.We have 24 hour crisis response but sometimes people don’t know those services are there or afraid to make the call. The bookmarks are listing all our
support and services in our community. Everyone is touched by suicide usually somewhere in our community and everyone  can make a difference by just reaching out and asking how are you, I’m worried about you, are you safe.”

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