Thunder Bay Hydro gives customers the power to manage their hydro accounts online
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Thunder Bay Hydro gives custom

Thunder Bay Hydro gives customers the power to   manage their hydro accounts online



   Thunder Bay Hydro recently launched My TBHYDRO, a new web based system that makes managing electricity use easier than ever before. Every Thunder Bay Hydro customer can now sign up for My TBHYDRO to view monthly bills and track electricity usage online. Thunder Bay Hydro Vice-President, Customer & Information Services Division, Tim Wilson, says; “My TBHYDRO is essentially a customer service tool. It has been developed with the needs of customers in mind with benefits like 24/7 access, paperless billing, account management functions, and more.”

 Thunder Bay Hydro issues almost 28,000 statements each month. My TBHYDRO provides a paperless billing option that benefits the environment and results in cost savings in the printing and mailing of bills. Continues Wilson; “My TBHYDRO helps customers to improve their conservation efforts. With the ability to track electricity consumption, customers will become more aware of their energy use.

" My TBHYDRO is free for all Thunder Bay Hydro’s new and existing customers, and has secure and safe 24/7 access. All Thunder Bay Hydro customers are being encouraged to sign up for the new service. To do so, simply visit, and follow the sign-up instructions. Thunder Bay Hydro representatives were at the Spring Home & Garden Show at the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition Grounds April 4th-6th, where customers had the opportunity to sign up with Identification.

Tim Wilson Vice President Customer & Information Services Thunder Bay Hydro “ We have done customer surveys over the last 7 or 8 years and one of the topics that continued to come up was customers wanting more on line access to their account. We spent time determining exactly what the customer wanted from the on line system- paying on line, account access and access to electricity usage. All the conversation programs the province has us delivering right now meant we thought it was a good opportunity to marry  access to electricity usage and access to pay.” “ It is a simple and easy sign up process. You have to have a valid email address, your current bill in front of you  and then you do  as you would with many other on line options you have- get a password set up and we will bring you through a little security questioning on your account  and then you are in. It is really easy to navigate once you are on. It is very interesting to see what you are doing when the electricity spikes occur. The system is up to date as to yesterdays date. ”   “ We want our customers to move to this system through natural attrition and don’t have any intention of charging for paper bills.” “ Our hope is to get about 3000 customer sign ups and we will pay for the capital costs of the system with 1000 sign ups.”

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