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Six Agencies Come Together

Six Agencies Come Together to Create

the Community Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Based Skills Group


by Scott A. Sumner

   The new partnership for Thunder Bay is with six agencies that came together to create the Community Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Based Skills Group. “ This group is for anybody over the age of 18 that is experiencing issues such as anxiety or stress in their lives and need help managing them. It is ok to have these stressors- it is how we manage them with other like minded people and facilitators. We do it in a fun way with interactive skills in groups and role plays in helping members work through their issues,” said Theresa Graham, Associate Director of the Children’s Centre of Thunder Bay.

“ This community group will be awesome to have available for people and the six organizations will be able to offer this as an ongoing service.” “The research tells us that it works and is about building skills. We want to increase capacity in our groups to be able to provide this and create accessibility. It provides an integration to be able to provide better services and best match where the services are available,” said Aimee Jaun, Manager of Addiction Services. “ We are seeing increasing complex individuals in the community so DBT is one of the best treatments for complex needs. We want to provide a spectrum of services.



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