Photo Project Captures Experience of Disorder Often Suffered in Silence
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Photo Project Captures Experience of Disorder Often Suffered in Silence

by Scott A. Sumner

   Postpartum Mood Disorder (PPMD) affects thousands of families in Northern Ontario.  This project aims to increase awareness of PPMD, reduce shame, stigma and isolation for those living with PPMD and recommend a sustainable continuum of care.  The PhotoVOICE initiative is a visual way to give voice to women who have lived with PPMD, the impact it has on their lives and the healing process.


Abi Sprakes, Manager of Clinical Service Thunder Bay Counselling Centre

  “ We want to raise the awareness around Postpartum Mood Disorder (PPMD) because there is no current conversation  about the need for services for women and families who are  experiencing Postpartum Mood Disorder (PPMD). We know it is a really important time to intervene  in a women’s life for herself, her baby and family. We want to raise awareness, reduce stigma and  the shame which often comes with Postpartum Mood Disorder (PPMD).    “ We hear about the baby blues,  all the way to severe depression and   feeling low and not being able to do things you thought you would. It happens to at least one in four women. We are looking at a strategy as to what are the services we need, what do women want  and what do families want. Currently in Thunder Bay we have programs that work  with women in this area at the Thunder Bay Counselling Centre and other organizations. We know we need more services.”   “ The Photo Voice project has had wonderful receptions from participants.  It is a different way to talk about Postpartum Mood Disorder (PPMD). To take photos and express your opinions through them gives another avenue for women to share and raise awareness.”

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