PARO Centre for Women's Enterprise Introduces SENO Changemakers
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PARO Centre for Women's

PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise Introduces SENO Changemakers


    Following the launch of Social Enterprise Northern Ontario (SENO) CoStarter for Change this past June and an extensive application process, today SENO representatives were pleased to introduce the six successful applicants who will participate in the new program. Over the
next twelve weeks, the future social entrepreneurs from throughout the region will receive mentorship, funding, and business education from the current SENO program partners, Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC), Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre, Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre, Nordik Institute, BDC, RBC,  United Way, and Copperfin Credit Union, in an effort to grow and diversify social enterprise in Northern Ontario.

The six SENO CoStarter for Change recipients are as follows:

Cindy Crowe

Blue Sky Social Enterprise

Through Blue Sky’s Indigenous Worldview Training, One Tribe, the organization supports self-healing and self-discovery. Blue Sky also offers nine formal workshops which can accommodate industry, government, organizations, or individuals.

Minna Koskela-Wild

Wild Blue Mar 4 Change

There is so much good when individuals come together with community spirit and take steps for positive change. Weaving together these people and their stories is really what Blue Mar 4 Change is all about - a collaborative effort for a brighter and kinder planet.

Karen Kerk

Willow Springs Creative Centre

Willow Springs is utilizing the SENO grant to develop the social enterprise ‘arm’ of the organization. The generated revenue will be re-invested into programming and training/employment opportunities for those with developmental and other disabilities.

Paul Amano

Boreal Journeys Sled Dog Kennel

Boreal Journeys Sled Dog Kennel fosters two-way relationships between our guests and our dogs, centered on adventure experiences and personal growth. Through the SENO program, we are seeking to strengthen our programming in the social realm by expanding capacity and providing corporate sector services and partnership opportunities.

Dean Benham & Roger Griffiths

Cloverbelt Local Food Co-op/Cloverbelt Country Meats 

Through the joint efforts of Cloverbelt and the current abattoir operator, and through the support of SENO funding, the local abattoir will remain open, and allow for greater food access and security in the area as well as allowing the hunting tourism industry to thrive.  Creating a unique partnership between a non-profit lead Co-operative “Cloverbelt” and local area butcher puts this business into the hands of the community and will allow its continued, successful operation.
Brenda McConnell

The Beehive Cuisine

The Beehive is a consumer driven program. Our goal is to reduce and overcome stigma and assist those living with mental health & addictions difficulties.  


Social enterprises are broadly defined as organizations that make money and deliver social or environmental benefits. Rosalind Lockyer, PARO Executive Director, says; “At the SENO launch this past summer, we unveiled a blueprint to build a bigger and stronger social enterprise
in the region. Today, we are introducing Northern Ontario to the people who will be taking this blueprint and turning it into reality. These six, carefully chosen entrepreneurs have extremely diverse business plans that strive to solve big-picture problems, ranging from community
rejuvenation to job creation and self-discovery, through social enterprise.”


The recipients will report to the program partners as business resources for up to one-year after their initial incubating education period. “PARO and the program partners will be available to the SENO recipients throughout the entire process to help troubleshoot and ultimately get their social enterprises off the ground as fast and successfully as possible,” says Aleksa Shermack, SENO CoStarter for Change Program Manager. “The goal is to turn challenges into
opportunities and foster social and public partnerships.”

For more information about the Social Enterprise Northern Ontario (SENO) CoStarter for Change please visit







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