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Mauro announces Ontario government investment in Thunder Bay area

The Province is supporting 6 local organizations through approved funding from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC):

The Commissary
Arcori Inc.
Hardy Giles Consulting
Jones Contracting
Westfort Productions
Fort William First Nation


An NOHFC grant and loan totalling $217,010 has assisted The Commissary to upgrade its meat processing operation.  This cornerstone of the East End community was able to rebuild and expand their operations with the help of this funding.

Software development company, Arcori, is creating 3 new full time positions with the development of a number of new applications based on their property management tool.  They were successful on receivingan NOHFC grant of $166,471 towards this project. This project has
already helped Arcori gain 1.5 million in new sales.

Hardy Giles Consulting received $120,060 in the form of a grant and loan to help expand their business.  With this expansion, they are now able to provide mobile simulation training on heavy duty equipment that assists with identifying the most skilled and suitableoperators to
send for certificate training to operate this equipment.A consulting and general contracting business, Jones Contracting, was established with the help of a $6,252 NOHFC grant.  Proprietor, Jesse Jones, brings approximately 20 years of industry experience to this
new venture.

NOHFC has awarded a $15,000 grant to help establish Westfort Productions.  This full service video production company produces video content for independent businesses, corporations, advertising agencies, real estate agents, individuals and more.

Fort William First Nation is currently working towards the completionof a five year economic development strategy and has received a $30,825 grant towards this project.  This will assist FWFN leadership to define plans and better execute priorities established by the
community which will assist in economic growth.


“I am excited that the NOHFC is continuing to create opportunities for local businesses to expand and diversify.  Congratulations to these six recipients who are contributing to the economic growth of our region by providing jobs and investing in our community.
– Bill Mauro, MPP Thunder Bay-Atikokan

“By investing in local business and community projects through the NOHFC, our government is helping Northerners better position themselves for new economic development opportunities.  These six projects will expand businesses, create jobs, bring new investment tothe Thunder Bay
region, and enhance their communities which will have a lasting impact for years to come.”
– Michael Gravelle, Minister of Northern Development and Mines,
Chair of the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC), and
MPP       Thunder Bay-Superior North

“We are very grateful for the support we have received from theNOHFC which has enabled us to expand our facilities and increase our customer base.  Our business has experienced considerable growth since our rebuild, which was made possible in part by the NOHFC.”
– Marie Penko, Co-Owner, The Commissary

“The video production industry is constantly evolving and advancing.  Westfort Productions has been able to adapt and become a leader in our field due to the generous support received from the NOHFC.  With? this financial backing in place, Westfort Productions can  continue to offer our Northwestern Ontario client base a production quality that is on par with the major markets nationwide.”
- Bryan Popowich, Partner, Westfort Productions

“The support we have received from NOHFC has allowed us to accelerate the development of our business and expand into new markets. It has helped us to lay a solid foundation, ensuring our growth here in Thunder Bay.”
– John McKenna, President, Arcori


§  Since 2003, the NOHFC has invested more than $1 billion ($1,033,311,538.21) in 6,871 projects in Northern Ontario, creating or sustaining more than 25,810 (25,819) jobs.

§  In the Thunder Bay area alone, the NOHFC has committed $165 million ($165,098,731.13) to more than 1,370 (1,371) projects, which have helped to create or sustain approximately 5,220 (5,229) jobs in the region.

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John McKenna ,President  Arcori
“ We are a software development company and we provide products for property development managers. Our company had the opportunity to get into some other markets and this funding helped us  to those new markets. It alleviated some of our risk by hiring some new staff a
little earlier and  toget ahead of the curve and build some products that we can actually sell. Based on that we have $1.5 million in new contracts. We have 10 people now including three new employees.”
“ Our core product  is property management software that allow the property managers to manage against the households in there. It is a very deep and wide product. We are currently  working with 7 large property managers in Southern Ontario based on these same concepts.
These 7 have 70,000 units. It is a big opportunity for us.” “In Thunder Bay it is harder to attract and retain staff and to travel to the clients. The funding allows us to hire people when they
are available.”

Paul Giles Hardy Giles Consulting.
“ We are training providers of outside of the box training solutions primarily for First Nations as well as adult learners. As part of that we have expanded to heavy equipment simulators. Here we provide training, screening for hire,  as well as creating a skills data base to connect operators to employment. We provide life skills and job readiness training. It is a communication tool and can quantify skills to determine if they are ready for the job site.”

Bill Mauro, MPP
“ NOHFC is a $60 million program historically which we increased to $100 million about 5 years a go. It continues to support small business across Northern Ontario and todays recipients received funds. They are  risk takers and it good to see them remain successful and growing their businesses.The funds leverage other funds of the business themselves. It is leap of faith and believe the community will continue to support them.”
“ The small business community drives the economy in Thunder Bay, Ontario and Canada and that has always been the case. They  create most of the new jobs and the jobs that exist today. We need to be aware of the challenge they have and  help to keep them vibrant.”

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