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Mining Supply & Services “Power Hour” to be included in Prosperity Northwest Event 

 The Northwestern Ontario Associated Chambers of Commerce (NOACC) recently released a Mining Supply & Services Association Pre-feasibility Study and outlined planned steps to advance mining supply and service chain development for Northwestern Ontario.   The completed Pre-feasibility study outlines 5 possible options for creating a mining supply and service association for Northwestern Ontario and identifies the level of risk and feasibility of each option. NOACC has elected to proceed with option 5: to create an Activity-Based Mining Supply and Service Sub-Committee that administers mining related activities and events for Northwestern Ontario.


   NOACC’s first mining supply & services “Procurement Power Hour”, will be held during the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce Prosperity Northwest on September 24, 2014.   The event will feature representatives from two developing mines: New Gold in Rainy River and Rubicon in Red Lake. Both presenters are currently active in supply chain development; they will outline their procurement processes and supply and service needs throughout construction and start-up.  One-on-one interviews with the procurement managers will be included in conference registration on a first-come, first-served basis.   NOACC would like to thank Fednor and Crupi Consulting Group for their support in completing the study. The full report is available at: www.noacc.ca

  Exhibitor and attendee registration for Prosperity Northwest including the Procurement Power Hour at: www.tbchamber.ca/prosperity Nathan Lawrence, President of NOACC “ There’s need to be focus on connecting there important players in the industry. We thought the best option is focussed on putting on  events to put together currently active businesses that will operate in the mining area. It is a work in progress but we have some great partnerships with FedNor, the CEDC and regional chambers as well as mining companies. It is a perfect time for businesses to start getting ready to supply these mining companies that are close to starting. It is connecting people and offering learning opportunities.”

John Mason, CEDC “ Over the next 3 years we will see 5 new gold mines come on in the Northwest. Red Lake, Fort Frances, Dryden and Greenstone areas will be the  lead on those deposits. We are also seeing 2 or 3 other gold projects maturing very quickly that may cascade in  and be in on their heals. We are also excited about the Stillwater copper plating project and will wait  to see their new feasibility study for their internal ROI  which will determine if the project goes forward. Ring of Fire will happen in due course.” “ We have huge issues on the exploration side with risk capital and commodity prices challenging these projects. We are living  on projects that were founded n the 2000 to 2007 time frame. It just takes so long for these projects to go through the processes to move forward.  Mines take a long time to come on. We have been working with the North Superior Workforce Planning Board tracking mining jobs that will be needed with the new mines com ng on. We are tracking the exact hiring going on right now daily and letting the community know. There are all types of jobs available right now form senior management to entry level and people have to be on their game to realize these a re the jobs available. If you get ahold of our office and we will direct you. We are seeing every week 10 to 30 new jobs advertised in the mining sector in NW Ontario.”

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