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Lowery's Hold Major Event

Lowery’s Hold Major Event

by Scott A. Sumner
The name of Lowery’s has really become known for office products in NW Ontario. Today they have such a broad line up of products and services it took the full Valhalla Inn ballroom to showcase everything they offer to the business customer.
     “ This is a 1 day expo with all of our vendors represented from across Canada including Winnipeg, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal and more. All of the different companies we work with are here. Today we have 28 vendors on site displaying their products. We have been working on this event since July to create what you see here,” said Jason Gerry who is the Chief Operating Officer of Lowery’s. He is originally from Thunder Bay, moved away to Southern Ontario for 10 years before moving back to work with the Lowery’s group.  “ We have invited our clients to come out today and see what we have to offer. We also did an advertising campaign for the event. It helps customers learn about the diverse product lines we can provide. I was just talking to someone about the banners we did for the show on display here. We developed all the display material in house.  Our tag line today was “What should we accomplish today.”  We are revealing what we can do for our customers.”
    Lowery’s is part of the Basics buying group and one of their top 5 dealers in Canada. They have three locations in NW Ontario including Thunder Bay, Fort Frances and Kenora and employ 90 full time employees.

    New and exciting on the horizon for Lowery’s is they are building a new building starting this fall. “ We will have a 9000 square foot retail store opening designed specifically for small to medium sized business customers where they can come in and have a one stop shop. We
can handle everything for you from brand strategy to marketing plans to IT work with our network engineering area that features a staff of 8 people,” said Jason Gerry. “  We have been working on the store for quite some time now and hired a retail designer from Oakville to help with the layout. That relationship has worked so well we are now working with them on their other projects across Canada. We are hoping to be in the new building by July 2012.”

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