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Loch Lomond Equipment Grows

Loch Lomond Equipment Grows Sales

 by Scott A. Sumner

  The desire to reach more remote areas of Northwestern Ontario for recreational activities and business has meant local Argo dealer, Loch Lomond Equipment continues to grow.

   “We like to think of ourselves as experts in high floatation, low ground pressure remote access solutions. Argo is being refined and expanded to serve these needs,”  said Rick Prior, Managing Director of Loch Lomond Equipment. “Argo has been manufactured since 1967. The
average hunter fisherman  well knows its capabilities.  In recent years the marketing has been broadened to include more of the industrial  commercial sectors. There are new models for fishing and hunting with safety and comfort improvements as well other commercial models that
are more heavy duty and have features  that are safety oriented.”
   The Argo parent company was founded by a German company in New Hamburg, Ontario near Kitchener- Ontario Drive and Gear.  Argo is one half of the business and the other half is drive and gear system transmissions for use by many other manufacturors around the world. The
company decided in 1967 to build their own vehicles and that is when Argo was founded. Ontario Drive and Gear was just purchased by an equity firm in the US, a group of investors whom will help with new product development and marketing to increase market share even higher.
  “ We have machines for the commercial sector and a selection of smaller Argos in 6 and 8 wheel drive for hunters and fishing. The hunting and fishing side is a mainstay for us. The commercial side is more of the growth side of the business with mining activities where
there is a need. The starting Argo can range in cost from $10,000 to $30,000 in the hunting fishing area.” said Rick.
  Lock Lomond Equipment also sells Bombardier groomers. They are used extensively in the building of winter roads. Most First Nation communities have at least one up to five  depending upon their roads.  There are probably 100 of these grooming machines in use in the North 
building roads as the lakes start to freeze according to Rick Prior.  These machines are still built in Quebec.
“ Loch Lomond Equipment has a  full service shop with 5 mechanics, parts people and sales. We are serious at what we do.” states Rick Prior.

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