Local Women Set to Trade in their Heels for Work Boots for Habitat for Humanity
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Local Women Set to Trade

Local Women Set to Trade in their Heels for Work Boots for Habitat for Humanity


 by Scott A. Sumner

Habitat for Humanity Thunder Bay  announced its first- ever Women Build in the community of Thunder Bay.  Habitat representatives, volunteers and a large group of influential Thunder Bay women, from all walks of life,  demonstrated their commitment to the new initiative in a very pink way at a recent media event.   


 The Mary Street home, which had some work started last year, will be completed over a 12 week period with the help of Bombardier Transportation Thunder Bay which donated $75,000 to this project. Sameral, the new home family.  “ I am so happy not only for me but for my kids ( 4 sons aged 13 to 19). We are all excited to get a new house and have been driving by here daily to see the new house. It will be more safe living here. It is very different living here than in Burma. It is the freedom. I am from a refugee camp so it was really hard to live there but we got a chance to move to Canada.I am so happy to have women doing the build. I am a women and know they are so strong and I am proud that the women can do that.” Diane Mitchell CEO of Habitat for Humanity. “ It is going to be a blast, our first women build in Thunder Bay. I don’t know why it has taken so long and we need to get women on our build site. We are not excluding anyone but encouraging women to come out. This a wonderful family.

 The house was delayed last year because of the flood and we had to shut down the build to this year. We hope we can build this home in 12 weeks  as we already have the crawl space in so this will help us finish sooner. Carolyn Leroux, Project Director of Bombardier Transportation North America.” Ensuring a safe home is really what every mother wants to give her children. The women at Bombardier in Thunder Bay are delighted to step up to support this local family and also showcase that women in our community have more than just home-making talents. We are also skilled workers with technical, industrial and trade knowledge. Bombardier Thunder Bay women are looking forward to getting to work to build this home.”


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