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Lakehead University Holds 51st

Lakehead University Holds 51st Convocation Ceremonies!

by Scott A. Sumner

“  Graduation is always a special time of the year. We have the convocation and celebrate the students, their families and their achievements. We also celebrate  those that have contributed to our community and humanity through the honourary  degree and fellow awards,” said Dr. Brian Stevenson, President of Lakehead University. “  This year is special because it is the 50th anniversary of this university. We have the privilege of giving our special awards to
alumni of Lakehead University. People  who have accomplished things and
have come back to be celebrated by their university. That is the special thing part of this year.”     Margaret Phillips has received our Honorary Degree of Letters and  is someone very special to the Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario. Someone who is an entrepreneur, humanitarian , a feminist and inspires all of us.” said Stevenson.

  “  I am very grateful to receive to this honour. It is rewarding to know that my efforts  have been recognized and I appreciate it very, very much. Lakehead University  has grown and progressed so much and is quite a different  situation that when I was a student in the 60’s and finally in the 80’s.” said Magaret Phillips. “   In the 80’s I was taking 1 course at a time by extension as I lived in Kenora those days before the communication allowed remote classrooms. Professors then had to go out and come by train to Kenora to teach  and different regional areas.”
   “ I love Northwestern Ontario  and it is very much home. I didn’t grow up here  but it certainly  is my home. I love the geography, the people and have been here for 50 years.”
Today we have health sciences students graduating and it is great to have them here today. Most of them will stay in northwestern Ontario
which is what we want noted Brian Stevenson.

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