Janzen's Pharmacy Open Fifth Location!
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Janzen's Pharmacy Open Fifth

Janzen’s Pharmacy Open Fifth Location!


by Scott A. Sumner
   The locally owned and independent Janzen’s Pharmacy continues to grow with their new 2200 square feet Current River location on Hodder Avenue.
   “ Our new look was developed with the marketing firm we use, Korkola Design and they have been just fabulous with so many brilliant ideas. Our design creates  a very unique look,” said Brenda Adams, Pharmacist and owner of Janzen’s Pharmacy. “ We also recently renovated the
Thunder Bay Medical Centre location moving it to the second floor. All of our locations will feature this new look over the next 3 months.”


   There are many new services being offered by Janzen’s Pharmacy.  “ With our new location we have pharmacy, walk in clinics, heath supplies. We are also branding our Live Better division which will include nutrition, vitamins and supplements and a fitness component. This means we have wholistic nutritionists on staff, personal trainers all under Live Better. We can do custom programs for you. Our trainers can go to the gym of the clients choice to do training.” said Brenda.
  Why did Janzen’s open a location in Current River?
  “ We came to  Current River to serve the people like we did at Westfort. It is a community  of it’s own here. We realized if you can get services in your community why not.”
   Is there more growth on the horizon for Janzen’s?
   “ We are under construction on Lillie Street near the new Hogarth facility Long Term Care facility with our 6th location. We listen to the people as to where they want service. When we open on Lillie some of our staff will move over from Bay Street.”
  “  There are few pharmacies that do all the services we have in Canada, maybe some in the US , not much in Canada. There is so much anyone can do to help with their health. If we can help someone start or get on the right track with their health  is helps us with our mission to Live Better.

Janzen’s Pharmacy have almost 100 people on staff now.

   “ This is a big day for Janzen’s today  with the opening of our 5th location. Everytime you open a new store it is exciting, you meet new people. I love this store look, which is bright and beautiful, easy to walk into and with friendly staff,” said Cathy Pratola,General Manager
Janzen's Pharmacy.
“ We have special new employees coming on to help us to grow the business. There is never a dull moment at Janzen's.”

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