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Have a HAPPY 365 DAYS, 2018!

Have a HAPPY 365 DAYS, 2018!
And here’s how!  



By Sherry Hanes
At this very moment, you are probably having grand visions of greatness for the coming new year and why shouldn’t you?  After all, isn’t it just wonderful how, with just a simple thought, we can feel ultimately
rejuvenated in the anticipation of what is waiting for us?  Thinking about all things that are good and all things that will be ours as gifts in life … 365 days of gifts!  Who doesn’t love that?  The gifts we receive in life are, equal to the gifts we give.
Every day is a gift.  A new leaf!  A new page! And every day, we have the choice to make it what we will.  We have the choice to act or react.  We have the choice to be part of chaos or to be part of harmony
and solution.  Each day we have the conscionable choice to lead or be lead.  We have the intelligence to decide what our contributions to mankind will be, whether it be to ourselves, our families, the poor
derelict on the street, our communities, our country and our world.Each day is an opportunity to do a good deed, help an unfortunate soul, say a kind word.  Each day we can choose not to gossip about or
ridicule someone.  We can actually choose to be the example we would wish for others.  We can choose to stop pointing fingers and actually make a positive difference by taking positive action and remove
expectations for our efforts.  Each day we can choose to get help if we need it…we can choose to not perpetrate violence on anyone or anything and we can choose to not accept violence in our lives.  There are things we can’t change like, other people, but we can influence them by being kind without self-sacrifice.  We must keep our focus on the prize for change, which is being happier within.  We, some of us, cannot afford the luxury of our own thinking, that we be lead into the abyss of negativity.  We can participate each minute on a positive, mature, intellectual level, no matter where we are or what we are doing or what is going on around us or to us or to someone we know and love.  We can teach our children by simple example and positive thought processing and behavior, that giving of yourself in kind ways, gets you more of what you want and that getting more of what you want, lets you give more and when that happens, everyone, and I do mean everyone in the world benefits from it.  Who doesn’t like to feel good?  This does not mean that we leave ourselves vulnerable to become victims of society or
domestic issues.  This means we develop the power to remove ourselves from such forces WITHOUT supporting anger, prejudice, contempt or revenge. Know your fights.  Choose your battles! 
Sending out the right vibes will always bring happiness and the happier you are, the rest of the world benefits from it, especially yourself! Don’t waste your time or your precious energy on negative thought
processing.  When you see someone on the street, for example, that is unfortunate, maybe by their own circumstances or maybe not, you don’t always know, please don’t judge them or put them down in your mind, it fills your energy with negativity…instead, be grateful it is not you and wish that person well in your mind.  All the ill thoughts you muster up are never going to make that person’s life better, nor will
it make them see they need to do something to change. When there seems to nothing left at all…there is always ‘hope’ for them.   So be ever mindful to not send out negativity as much as you can help it and don’t justify it just because the of the circumstance.  Use your new training as your personal principle and see how great you are going to feel, daily.  Send out compassion and hope.  Isn’t that what the New Year’s celebration is supposed to be all about anyway… hope for all good things and for everyone?  As John Lennon once said … “Imagine” … he even wrote a song about it.
This New Year, as you begin your very first minutes to bring in cheer and good will, remember to carry that with you each minute of each day, all year. Rise above your old self and create the New self of inner
understanding.  You will come to experience such peace within and those around you will stand in amazement.  People will want to be around you and will seek your energy and wish to be more like you, even the derelict on the street.  Never be dragged into someone else’s storm.  Be kind to others and really mean it, even your nemesis, including family.  They may never rise up to your level.  How unfortunate. Never go down to anyone’s level.  Always rise above.  Look at others through
the eyes of hope and help.  Detach lovingly if you must.  They don’t choose to feel the way they do … they simply just don’t know any better or how to rise above.  Some feel a false sense of entitlement to be the way they are and no amount of reasoning will change anything, that is why one must rise above the wreckage.
The Three Selves:  First, get to know yourself.  Second, BE yourself and third, give of yourself.  Be charitable with your energy, not just your wallet. 
The new year is filled with all forms of possibilities!  Isn’t that great?  Choices!  Watch what you read and hear in the news and on the street.  It will leave its seed of doubt and disaster in your soul. 
And remember too, what others think about you is none of your business.  Make choices in your life based on fact not hearsay.  Stay out of negativity and controversy, that is how “CLICKS” are formed in
every walk of life.  Be intellectually independent.  Be everyone’s friend until they prove otherwise, then simply remove yourself from their energy without distain and never take up emotional arms against
anyone if at all possible.  The point is for you to remain free of animosity and the harbouring of resentments, which can and do dictate your focus and actions which can lead to mental and physical health damage, rob you of your time that you will never get back again and cause you to lose joy because you are focused on the negative aspect. Set yourself free.
You may never fully know the effect your goodness has done for someone else in the world but you do know for sure…your goodness never hurt anyone!
Make your new year’s resolution to create a new positive self and then sit back and watch what happens next.
Faith without works is dead!
YOU have the power. 
We could have just simply said…”BE TRULY GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING!” end of story, but, …. We didn’t.
Happy New Year to all and see you out there in the world. 
Here’s is a toast to your new self! 

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