Engage 2016 – Digital Media Summit Is Coming
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Engage 2016 – Digital Media

Engage 2016 – Digital Media Summit Is Coming



Summit Highlights

 Engage 2016 – Digital Media Summit is a two day social media and interactive marketing conference bringing together a collection of local professionals, and global Keynote speakers to share their experiences in managing and engaging a global market using the abundant social and digital marketing tools that now exist.

SEO and Online Advertising - Making it Work
How to Create a Digital Media Strategy
The Importance of Modern Web Design Panel
How Digital Is Changing The Future Panel
The Changing Lens Panel
Simple Social Media Strategies
Great topics, engaging speakers.

Through captivating keynotes, game changing moderated panels, up close and personal learning experiences and a host of exciting networking opportunities, it’s your turn to experience Thunder Bay’s Engage! Join global experts as well as local talent as they gather together to
discuss the business of content – from mobile to digital and social media.

Brian Davey Executive Director of NADF
  “ Many of our businesses are in the process  of entering the digital age and we are trying to provide a platform that helps them with the knowledge that can support them with their efforts- creating digital media strategy as part of their company. They need the knowledge of
what area to go in say Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat. How do I track my engagements in the social media space.We have many clients in this space.”
    This event is wide open to anybody and any  peron or business that wants to hear the keynote speakers that have been very successful in  putting a digital strategy in place.
  “ Some of the speakers are Scott Straton, the president of Unmarketing, internationally known Travis Wright who is fantastic and talks about how you interact with your customers and monitoring your use of social marketing.”
   “ The event is the first I believe in Thunder Bay at the Valhalla Inn in February. We want people to take home something tangible they can use in their businesses. You could be in a tourist resort, a remote First Nations community, Thunder Bay or Northern Ontario.”

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