Confederation College Launches New Digital Media Production Program
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Confederation College Launches

Confederation College Launches New Digital Media Production Program


  – Confederation College, along with community supporters, proudly launched a new Digital Media Production program recently. The program is designed to meet the current needs and anticipate the future needs of the ever-evolving media arts industry, preparing graduates for a wide range of careers. Applications are now being accepted with the program welcoming its first intake of students in September of 2018.
“We are absolutely thrilled to share this new program with our College and broader communities,” said Michele McManus, Program Coordinator. “How we tell our stories is changing and the Digital Media Production program will help students to embrace that by teaching them how to effectively use changing technologies and how to adapt to shifts in the way society communicates and consumes information. Graduates will be well-equipped to begin successful careers in social and digital media, digital media design, broadcasting and journalism, editing and creative writing, videography and more.”
Inspired by the formerly known Broadcasting program, the new Digital Media Production program will teach students how to connect with users through blogs, vlogs and live interactive shows, will explore social journalism and will familiarize students with a variety of new and traditional media platforms. Students will develop core skills such as photography, videography, graphic design, web design, live streaming, visual effects and social media marketing. The program also covers the basics of marketing, branding and promotions which are often intertwined with content creation.
The team at Confederation College isn’t the only group excited about the new program. Kelly Saxberg, has worked extensively with Confederation College faculty, students and graduates for many years
and was a key industry contributor to the development of the program. She is Owner of Sheba Films, Founder of the Vox Popular Media Arts Festival (formerly known as the Bay Street Film Festival) and an
award-winning film producer, director and editor.
"As a professional filmmaker working in the digital realm I have participated first-hand in the evolution of media production and media arts since the birth of the internet and multi-channel universe,” said axberg. “This is an exciting new phase that will empower young people today to not only make a career in media production but to participate in the engagement our audiences at home and worldwide. With a new
virtual landscape and accessible technology, we are no longer producing graduates destined only for jobs in Toronto – they have been able to create and broadcast to the world via the internet in our own backyard. It is an exciting time for media producers and I know that the great team of instructors for Confederation College’s new Digital Media Production program will prepare the next generation of award winning media artists."
Confederation College Broadcasting alumna Amanda Bay knows all too well the value of being versatile and adaptable in a media arts career. She is the Director of Communications at Firedog Communications, the blogger behind Bay Awesome and a digital entrepreneur.
“To be successful in today’s digital media industry, having knowledge in both traditional and new media is crucial,” said Bay. “As much as the tools we use to share stories continue to evolve with technology,
the art and science behind how we communicate and create content really hasn’t changed. I’m thrilled to see that this new program is being led by long-standing faculty who were teaching when I was a student. They have that past experience and knowledge of traditional media strategy and at the same time, can teach new and emerging trends to ensure students are ready to succeed across all media platforms.”
The development of the new program was no easy task and Confederation College President Jim Madder was on hand during the launch event to offer his thanks and congratulations.
“We are grateful for the incredible amount of hard work our program faculty have put in,” said Madder. “Their passion for creating this meaningful academic opportunity for students was clear from day one. Of
course we were also grateful to have had critical input from our industry partners, students and alumni, and leadership from both the Dean and the Chair of the School of Business, Hospitality and Media
Arts. On behalf of myself and Confederation College, I congratulate everyone involved for bringing this vision to life for students. I very much look forward to seeing what our inaugural class can do.”
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