Celebrating Women's Empowerment
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Celebrating Women

Celebrating Women’s Empowerment


by Scott A. Sumner

   The local PARO organization held a special event to celebrate Women’s
Day in Canada recently

Rosalind Lockyer, Executive Director of PARO.
  “ Today we are celebrating women and celebrating women’s empowerment at this event. We are at Bombardier as we want to celebrate women in the trades. Bombardier Thunder Bay has a new CEO, Carolyne Leroux and we have a new Status of Women Minister, Patty Hajdu,  two good causes to celebrate.”
“ It has been shown all over the world that the more women we have in leadership roles it is better for the economy and the country. Women have an important role as they play a prime role in the family and in the community and bring a different perspective to the board rooms. There are 52% of women in the world so we need parity. Our new Federal cabinet in Canada has parity of women and men.”
“ We encourage women to take on a leadership role in government. Women are sometime challenged with running for office as they don’t always have the same support systems in place as men. We want to encourage them. This event will bring women leaders together and provide an example for others. If you can’t see a role model, someone to emulate especially with younger women, you can’t emulate them.”


Carolyne Leroux, GM Bombardier Transportation Thunder Bay 

“ I am very excited to be part of the PARO event this evening. Gender equality is a topic that is very important to me.  All my life I fought the barriers against women. At Bombardier we launched a women in leadership program about 5 years ago. In the Thunder Bay plant it has
been enhanced and our talent pipeline starts with the employees we have at every level. In a manufacturing facility it is difficulty to attract those type of people so we need to create those opportunities.  Currently we only have 12% of all of our employees that are women, but
in management team we were able to  create up to 20% of women in management. I am very proud that my senior management team has 30% women participating.  It is extremely important to have gender diversity as women and men do think differently.”

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